6 Must Reads for Healthcare Technology Leaders

December 15, 2016

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving. To stay on top of the game, it is crucial for leaders in the field to seek different perspectives, explore a range of business models and uncover areas of opportunity, all with the objective of using technology to move healthcare forward. We did our research to find the 6 books that can impact your understanding of technology and healthcare.

1. The Guide to the Future of the Medicine: Technology & The Human Touch

Book: The Guide to Future Medicine

Book Description: It’s fair to say we couldn’t have predicted the world we live in now, with genome sequencing enabling tailored treatment plans and telemedicine busting the distance barriers between patients and physicians. This book is a futuristic narrative into how technology will continue to change medicine as we know it.

Why it’s a must read: The author makes bold, sometimes even controversial, predictions on the specific facets of healthcare that technology will change, automate, improve and even make obsolete.

2. Healthcare Disrupted: Next Generation Business Strategies

Book: Healthcare Disrupted

Book Description: Healthcare is going through a fundamental shift to put patients at the center. Healthcare Disrupted  is an exploratory guide on the origins of the patient-centric healthcare revolution. It talks about the practical strategies technology leaders can take to continuously disrupt the industry. It is an in-depth exploration of the merging social, economic, cultural and technological forces that are forging new methods of patient-centric care.

Why it’s a must read: This book is for anyone interested in improving the patient experience. It gives fresh insight and practical wisdom to prepare healthcare leaders as they develop the next generation of patient-centric diagnostics, processes, technology and devices.

3. The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Computer Age

Book: The Digital Doctor

Book Description: The book examines healthcare’s entry to the computer age, tackling the difficult questions on how technology is really changing care. Is the technological revolution a help, or has it been destructive? What is the net effect?

Why it’s a must read: It’s a story of hope and it is a must read for anyone who want to improve our healthcare system. It offers the unique perspective of how to get the delicate balance between technology and human touch right.

4. The Personalized Medicine Revolution

Book: The Personalized Medicine Revolution

Book Description: Medicine has been one size fits all for centuries, but with the extensive study of genomes, things are moving in a different direction. This book examines the shift to personalized medicine, challenging all past assumptions in the fields of prediction, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

Why it’s a must read: It is a discourse on both the technologies that govern genomics and on the field of genomics / pharmacogenomics itself. The book gives you a first person account into how the world of personalized medicine will impact every part of the healthcare delivery ecosystem.

5. The Internet of Healthy Things

The Internet of Healthy Things

Book Description: The Internet of Things (IoT) has gained much ground at present, where millions of everyday objects are powered by the cloud and connected to a network of interlinked gadgets, objects and people. How will this impact how medical devices are created and how medical processes are conducted? The Internet of Healthy Things (IoHT) examines the future of merging IoT and healthcare.

Why it’s a must read: The book is an entertaining and exciting narrative about the future of IoT, offering insights into consumer behaviour and physician practice, all while  laying out a wide range of practical future applications for healthcare in the IoT.

6. The Innovator’s Prescription

Book: The Innovator's Prescription

Book Description: Clayton Christensen deconstructs how we can make a healthcare system that everyone can afford. As is, many Americans are being left behind. This book examines the role that  public policy, private providers and market forces play into driving up costs for care.

Why it’s a must read: It is a poignant and revelatory account into the nuts and bolts of the healthcare system. It will give you a better context of the current gaps  in the system that technology can help address.


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