Pointwest talks about Disruptive Smart Technologies and Business Models, Softcon 2018

Robert Ramos
October 22, 2018

Pointwest brings to Softcon 2018 innovation on business models for software companies, a tech talk on how to effectively use artificial intelligence for test automation, and a look at what it takes to have a career in AI and Machine Learning. The topics aims to provide industry leaders with options on how to take advantage of the latest technologies and execute effective digital transformation for their businesses.

No less than Pointwest Chief Operating Officer Mark Neft will be part of Panel 1 during the AM Sessions of the conference to talk about the latest business models for software that are emerging alongside radical changes from new technologies and techniques.

The Panel comes at a time when many tech innovations are not being effectively monetized by their creators or investors, despite the promise of an app or new technology. With his years of experience in the technology industry as well as Pointwest’s deep domain knowledge, Mark Neft hopes to provide inventors and funders alike with ideas on how to turn theirs into profitable ventures.

In the afternoon, Atty. Kim Deloria will talk about how to properly and effectively use Artificial Intelligence for test automation. By this time, the reality of AI and its use in various industries is not something novel or even uncommon. But AI aren’t so ubiquitous that people have a clear understanding on how to use them fully and effectively.

This reality is highlighted in the description of Atty. Deloria’s talk, with its focus on the proper way of using your AI for testing purposes. “Due to the complex nature of AI systems, the traditional methods of testing as applied to AI are insufficient,” the course description says. At the end of the coding track class, Atty. Deloria hopes to arm participants with a better understanding on how to make the most and best use of their AI tools.

AI Capability Head Mac Aydinan will also have his session in the afternoon; also on artificial intelligence. Aydinan’s talk will deal more with how one can build a career in the burgeoning field of AI and Machine Learning.

The session recognizes the need for more specialists in AI as many industries look into making intelligent autonomous software as key components of their services and products –from self-driving cars to furniture that learns from your behavior to do things automatically for you. Mr. Aydinan will guide participants through what working with AI involves, the skills needed, and what projects and challenges would-be specialists should expect if they wish to go into this field.

As with previous Softcons, participants, speakers and exhibitors to the annual conference will be assisted by EESY, Pointwest’s Event Management application — upping the ante in terms of digital experience for everyone in the event.

EESY allows delegates to easily register online, monitor the conference’s schedule, and trade contact information with the touch of a button. Speakers can easily interact with attendees through the app’s question submission feature. Meanwhile, exhibitors can go paperless with their collaterals, instead using the exchange feature of the app to give participants digital versions of their brochures and presentation decks.

The organizers also make  use of the app’s features to digitize the conference raffle, gamifying it by asking delegates to go around and scan QR codes on exhibitor booths to qualify them for the draw.

Softcon 2018 will be held at the Grand Ballroom of the Shangri-La Fort on October 23, 2018, from 8:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening. Visit us at Booth 14, main exhibit floor just in front of the Grand Ballroom.