Artificial Intelligence Product Showcase – A Pointwest Bootcamp Activity

Kat Dacusin
March 14, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) bootcamp trainees presented their products during Pointwest’s first ever AI/ML product showcase activity on Thursday, February 28, 2019 at Rockwell Business Center, Ortigas, Pasig City. Pointwest, one of the largest fully Filipino IT companies in the Philippines, held the product highlight as part of the bootcamp’s culminating activity.

As a game changer in Data Science,  Pointwest offers solutions on Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Analytics Consulting, and other fields. Pointwest has achieved success in utilizing Data Science in various industries, such as airline and transportation, manufacturing, international intergovernmental organizations, and politics.

The AI/ML product showcase presentations are part of the final project of the first batch of AI/ML trainees, after successfully completing the rigorous four-month-long bootcamp, where Pointwest AI/ML experts served as mentors. As part of their task, trainees created various AI products within 8 days and were divided into four teams, namely: Alab, Kinaadman, Intelliphonic, and D3O.

“The main goal of the showcase is for the trainees to be able to demonstrate what they have learned and explore the commercial feasibility of the products they have developed from the AI/ML bootcamp.”

— Mac Aydinan, Artificial Intelligence Capability Head

artificial intelligence product showcase collage

Clockwise from top-left: Team Alab, Team Kinaadman, Pointwest Head of Data Group Nicco De Jesus, Team Intelliphonic, Team D3O, and Pointwest Artificial Intelligence Capability Head Mac Aydinan

Mr. Aydinan, the main organizer of the product showcase, officially opened the standing-room-only event with a brief speech about the trainee’s preparations.

During the event, each team was given ten minutes to pitch their product. Five minutes were allotted for questions from the attendees who are from various Pointwest business units. Each team also had a booth where attendees could inspect the products, inquire about the technology,  and even invest in them using money credits.

“The attendees were able to expand the benefits of the demonstrated products, and start strategizing how incumbent and potential clients of Pointwest can benefit from these AI/ML products.”

— Mac Aydinan, Artificial Intelligence Capability Head

Head of Data Group Nicco De Jesus delivered the closing remarks for the event. In his speech, he highlighted more innovation events to come from the Data Group; embracing enthusiastic interest among Pointwest teams.

With the aim of equipping the trainees with the necessary skills to perform well on their roles, the bootcamp was established fifteen years ago as part of Pointwest’s staff development program, and has been going on ever since. Besides AI/ML, bootcamps for other fields such as Java, Microsoft, Mobile, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Data Management, Business Analysis, and Software Quality Assurance are offered as well.

The event was digitized with the help of the Pointwest Events mobile application, powered by the IT company’s relaunched Events Engagement Suite for You (EESY) app. EESY helped make the event more organized especially with its updated features on real-time analytics and customizability, and also through other features such as registration through QR code, push notification reminders for the start of each session, and live feedback about the sessions and speakers.


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