AWS, Pointwest, and UiPath Let You Harness the Power of RPA in the Cloud

September 15, 2022

For the first time, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Pointwest, and UiPath came together for a hybrid event that can help modernize and transform numerous processes in various industries. 

Titled “Unlock the Power of Automation in the Cloud: Revolutionize Your Employee Onboarding with AWS and UiPath”, the event was held at the AWS Philippines office in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig on August 24, 2022. The event was also streamed simultaneously online via Amazon Chime.

The two-hour event featured subject matter experts from the three renowned companies as speakers to discuss the topic. Pointwest President and CEO, Rey E. Untal, graced the event to deliver his welcoming remarks. 

Veck Basinang, Pointwest Chief Technology Officer, mentioned in her talk that automation should come top-down in companies and 63% of organizations see automation as something that can help accelerate digital transformation. Furthermore, she added that automation provides elasticity, boosted productivity, and adds more value to personnel.

Matthew Tan, Director of Sales Engineering at UiPath, demonstrated what their company automates with robots–from document handling in the Know Your Customer (KYC) process to HR services including recruitment, compensation and benefits, and employee relations. He also mentioned that they leverage citizen development in which they encourage employees to innovate and automate processes themselves using a low-code/no-code platform to drive automation at scale. One of the use cases he mentioned was the DHL virtual delivery center in Europe and India in which they were able to have 515 virtual FTEs and redeployed 425 employees for other tasks. Another use case was for a company where they had over 450 automated processes and 170 employees trained in UiPath and robotic process automation.

UiPath also has a collaboration with AWS called Amazon Connect, a 100% Cloud-based solution for business process outsourcing (BPO) companies that has helped reduce average handling time (AHT) by 30% and reduced call volume by 40-50%.

JP Alcala, Partner Solutions Architect from AWS, spoke next about the advantages of moving to the Cloud. He said this provides a company with agility, cost savings, and elasticity wherein a company can scale as quickly as it can. Companies can also start to innovate faster and focus more on business differentiators and go global in a matter of minutes. One example he mentioned was Amazon Workspaces is the perfect solution for the modern workforce. It works like a virtual laptop and proved itself useful to address remote work during the pandemic. 

One of the use cases he mentioned was with a local telecom company where they employed Robotic Process Automation on Amazon Workspaces for payment processing, which saved up a lot of setup time and created a better and simpler user experience for their subscribers.

Derek Andallaza and Alo Leceta, both RPA specialists and developers from Pointwest demonstrated how RPA on Cloud works using Pointwest’s own new employee onboarding process. They showed the time saved when the document handling process is automated versus manual handling as well as lessening the risk of errors in filing. 

In addition to that, the speakers also talked about various pain points when it comes to modernizing an organization’s processes and how Robotic Process Automation in the Cloud can help address those challenges. They also touched on the various capabilities of the same innovation, intelligent optical character recognition (OCR), SaaS, and Customer Managed Environment. 

Veck Basinang closed the event by reiterating the benefits of using RPA on Cloud in onboarding new employees stating that it makes the process 10% faster, gives a 40% increase in employee capacity, and clients achieve 0% error rates in compliance. She also stressed that automation through the Cloud allows automation at scale (smallest to largest, complex processes), simplify infrastructure provisioning, better integration with other digital technologies, and makes intelligent automation more convenient and cost-effective. By harnessing the power of RPA on Cloud, she said it helps take the robot out of your employees, reduces the handling times of cases or service requests by enabling self-service options for the customers, and empowering employees to deliver personalized service thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty and boosting employee productivity.

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