Cloud Consulting: Pointwest Beefs Up Digital Services as AWS Standard Technology Partner

Mike Togle
March 19, 2018

Pointwest, the largest Filipino-owned digital innovation  company, stepped up as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Standard Partner in early January 2018, reaffirming its intent to provide reliable cloud consulting, cloud data migration, robust data management, and scalable ERP interoperability for global-minded firms across the Asia Pacific.

“Particularly in the professional services, banking, and telecommunications industries, reinventing as a truly digital business means navigating the tricky aspects of cybersecurity, data migration, and multi-cloud strategies, to squeeze out the benefits of cloud computing.”Pointwest President Ma. Cristina “Beng” Coronel

Jason dela Peña, Pointwest Lead for Digital Business and Alliances, agrees that the cloud is an enabler of digital transformation. A carefully-considered cloud migration path can help drive business agility with faster time to market for innovation, a bi-modal IT approach to tame disruption, and even a redefinition of how monolithic IT services are traditionally built and deployed to become microservices. The latter are easier to individually maintain because of fewer dependencies in a system.

“What you want to re-architect are the building blocks to evolve as a digital and data-driven firm, and the cloud equips those who are ready to embrace the DevOps discipline, which drives automation and CI/CD.”Jason dela Peña, Pointwest Lead for Partnerships and Alliances

Dela Peña reveals that Pointwest’s budding Data Management and Data Science capabilities boosts its ability to build and manage data lakes within its own and across its clients’ systems. The firm’s data scientists use Amazon’s Athena and Quicksight data analytics services to query and analyze data in the lake.

A data lake provides an organization one singular repository of data–which typically entails a reliable and enterprise-grade cloud storage platform, such as AWS S3–that in turn enables a data science team to mine this powerful hub of data in support of the business.

Says Coronel, “Data needs to be stored and then managed properly so that it becomes an asset. If it’s unmanaged, then it remains simply that: Data. No value”.

As an AWS Standard Partner, Pointwest recommits to becoming an IT-BPM partner of choice–specifically, a cloud enabler of choice–to guide clients in their ongoing digital transformation journeys.

The strengthened partnership between Pointwest and AWS is timely with last year’s launch of AWS’ ETL platform, Glue, which makes it easier to prepare and load data for analytics in just minutes, while paying only for the compute resources actually consumed for data preparation and loading.


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