Digital Innovation Rocks Japan, Pointwest Brings Home Digital Opportunities

Mike Togle
June 6, 2018

Pointwest brought home several new digital innovation opportunities after its latest participation in the 2018 Software Development Expo or SODEC of Japan IT Week.

The company also took part in the One-on-One Business Matching activity of the PSIA Delegation to Japan held at Osaka Bright Core last 8 May 2018. It was during this event where the digital innovation company was able to engage Japanese businesses and discuss prospective transformational projects in the digital space

Marc Kintanar, Business Development Manager for Japan, and Digital Capability head Sherwin Pelayo represented Pointwest in both activities. According to them, most of the new prospects were enticed by the latest digital tools and solutions being offered by Pointwest.

“In recent years, Japanese companies and organizations have been looking for partners who will provide them with needed technical capabilities as well as give them access to Western markets,” Kintanar said.

Among the services offered by Pointwest at the Business Matching and during SODEC were Data Engineering, Blockchain, Salesforce Development and Testing, Omni-Channel Solutions Development and Management, Robotic Process Automation, and Automated Software Testing.

Pointwest’s 15-year record was built on its excellence in application development and maintenance within legacy systems. This experience combines with the company’s digital products and services to offer clients innovative solutions to the challenges facing them in a rapidly-changing business landscape.

“Several companies were interested in our Blockchain and RPA offerings and how we can utilize them to improve their current operations and profitability”  Marc Kintanar, Pointwest Business Development Manager for Japan

Japan Looking for Digital Innovation

Marc observed that digital services were indeed getting much attention from Japanese companies and organizations. SODEC is but a part of the larger Japan IT Week, which involves other fields, both established and developing, in information technology.

“We saw a lot of visitors to the latest Expo added to this year’s Japan IT Week which was the AI & Business Automation Expo that exemplifies the growing interest in this field”, Kintanar said. Pointwest has grown its offerings in the automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence fields to offer best-fit solutions to its clients.

The Philippine Delegation to SODEC and the One on One Business Matching event were organized by the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) with the generous support and cooperation of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DICT), the Export Management Bureau of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI-EMB), and the Philippine Embassy to Japan.

“We assumed that our mainstream services will be our main attraction. We were pleasantly surprised that there is strong demand in the Japanese market in the digital space as well.” Sherwin Pelayo, Pointwest Digital Capability Head

Pelayo added that this demand made it so that Pointwest’s digital offerings garnered more attention during the business matching and in the three days of SODEC.

“Before we even left Japan, we already had several firm inquiries about our digital capabilities,” Pelayo said. “It is our time now. 今を生きる [Carpe Diem]!”


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