Easimed: Finding Medical Help Quickly, Easily and Reliably for Cocolife Healthcare Members

March 11, 2016

How do you know if the nearest hospital or clinic to you recognizes your HMO card?

Most of the time, we already know because it’s the one you frequent, the one you always go to when you have medical needs. But what if you’re somewhere else and you need medical attention, like when you’re in the middle of summer vacation in some far off beach or hiking up some mountain? What if you’re normally healthy so you don’t visit a hospital or clinic often but need to do so right this minute? What if you need to know now if the hospital or clinic you’re going to recognizes your healthcard?

Fortunately, Pointwest has a solution: Easimed, the mobile app that locates the hospitals, clinics and medical specialists nearest you that your HMO is accredited with.

Easimed does this by listing all of the medical facilities (clinics, hospitals) and specialists nearest to the user that honors their HMO card. The user can also search for the same medical providers nationwide, perfect for when you need to go on vacation anywhere in the country but have health concerns that could require advanced care.

Among the information Easimed shows its user includes location, contact information and the names of the Physician Coordinators in those areas. Additionally, users can save their preferred providers by adding a star on that provider’s page. There is also a way to customize the providers being shown by category, like clinics or hospitals only, or both.

“The whole point is patient centricity. We want to make it a little bit easier for the members or patients to access healthcare through their HMO. There is an opportunity to simplify and connect in the different stages of care. Easimed is here to do that. For now, it’s through our provider locator. There are more features coming,” Mark Zavalla, Pointwest Product Manager for Easimed

A version of Easimed is being used by Cocolife Healthcare in order to provide their members with timely healthcare services. It allows their members to quickly locate clinics, hospitals and medical specialists who honor the HMO’s card. The app also has an auto update feature that keeps the provider information in the member’s list up-to-date.

“We at Cocolife Healthcare are continuously thinking of ways on how healthcare services can be readily accessible at the time they are needed most. Certainly, this Provider Locator App will be a useful and handy tool for our valued cardholders, wherever and whenever medical needs arise,” Dr. Andro Sandoval, First Vice President and Medical Director of Cocolife Healthcare

The Cocolife Healthcare app can be found in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Here are some previews of what the Cocolife app looks like:

Easimed is continuously being upgraded by Pointwest with new features that will make the app more relevant and useful so it can better serve HMO members.

You can visit the Easimed website, or like its Facebook Page, for updates.


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