Easimed: Healthcare Provider Network Now on Multiple Channels

Mike Togle
August 5, 2016

Finding the nearest accredited healthcare facility for your HMO is now made even easier on a desktop computer with the Easimed Web Locator Widget, the browser-based version of the mobile application of the same name.

The Easimed Web Locator Widget will complement its original mobile app version. It aims to provide more people with the means to easily find hospitals, clinics and doctors recognized by their healthcare service provider. This new version had its pilot release with Health Plan Philippines, Inc., (HPPI), one of the pioneers of the Philippine HMO industry.

“Most HMOs first used their websites to reach their members. While more and more are exploring the promise of mobility, it is still common for members and patients to find healthcare providers online using their desktops or laptops.”  Mark Zavalla, Product Manager for Easimed

Unlike its mobile app counterpart, the Easimed Web Locator Widget targets both HMO members and decision-makers in companies for HMO services. What makes the web version different is that decision-makers can easily see the breadth of an HMO provider’s network of medical facilities (both clinics and hospitals) and personnel.

Omni-Channel Healthcare Provider Locator

Bringing healthcare-location information available on different channels was one of Easimed’s newest initiatives in improving customers’ experiences with the healthcare platform.

The team was aware that people may want to access healthcare provider location information on whichever platform is available to them. It could be either on a desktop, or on their mobile when they are on the go.

Both the web-based widget and the mobile app can search for accredited facilities and professionals nationwide. HMO members can use Easimed to search for providers in a given location through a keyword search. This makes it easier for members and HR managers alike to find information they need quickly and efficiently.

“Customers these days are using multiple channels. This is true in banking or retail as it in healthcare. It is always about the patients. When we fix inefficiencies, when we simplify, when we connect, it is always the patient that benefits.”  Mark Zavalla, Product Manager for Easimed


Easimed is an innovative suite of healthcare solutions that aim to improve patient centricity in managed care in the Philippines. The healthcare platform is a product of Pointwest Labs, Pointwest’s innovation incubator arm. Visit Easimed’s website for more details.

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