EESY for Weddings: Marriage of Tradition and Technology

Kat Dacusin
April 24, 2019

Achieving their dream wedding is part of every hopeless romantic’s bucket list. However, this fairytale moment requires the herculean task of planning and coordination. This is usually why soon-to-be-married couples hire wedding planners to ensure that their wedding goes smoothly, if not perfect.

But what if technology can make wedding planning easier for both wedding planners and the couple alike?

When technology is mentioned, one may have the idea of machines, robots, and other associated ideas, which can be exciting, but not exactly romantic. How then does it relate to a traditional event like a wedding?

Simple: through event applications such as Pointwest’s Events Engagement Suite called EESY.

Events Engagement Suite at DBF

EESY DBF Organizers and Attendees

The Digital Breakfast Forum (DBF) organizers and attendees pose for a photo after the successful presentation and sharing of ideas on the implementation of Events Engagement Suite for You (EESY) application for weddings.


Enthusiastic interest in the EESY application and promising opportunities in the wedding planning industry were Pointwest’s main takeaways from the first installment of the Digital Breakfast Forums (DBF) held last April 4, 2019 at Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant, Greenbelt 2, Makati City.

The forum focused on Digital Events Management. Pointwest Product Manager Raymond Posadas discussed the benefits and features of the app that help make the wedding planning journey and all its stages (pre-event, on-event, and post-event) easier and even more meaningful and engaging. The event was attended by seasoned wedding planners, who eagerly listened and actively contributed their inputs, giving Pointwest invaluable feedback from experts in the field.

Great Interest and Insight

The first DBF’s goal is not just to promote EESY, but to gather more insight on its implementation for weddings. EESY’s repeated success in conferences is proof enough of its usefulness for events. Weddings have both similarities and differences with conferences. Some of the differences would be on the level of personalization and intimacy involved in weddings. This is why it is vital to listen to the people who are at the heart of the action during weddings — the wedding planners.

The app was warmly received by the wedding organizers. They expressed excitement for the app, and can envision it to be a vital part of the wedding planning journey. Pointwest was even invited to present at the Wedding Planning Seminar of the Philippine Association of Wedding Planners (PAWP) held on April 6 & 7, 2019 at the New World Makati Hotel.

The wedding organizers likewise raised concerns and suggestions for the app. Wedding planners raised important issues on how to align the solution for weddings. Features that can be used for seating arrangements, ease of use, live coverage, payment options, and many others were proposed.

Below are only some of the app’s properties which were highlighted in the presentation:

Storytelling through EESY

During the forum, Mr. Posadas focused on the concept of humanizing technology for weddings. The use of technology sometimes has a bad rap for making communication impersonal and promoting disconnect. If such is true, then mobile apps were thought to have no place in traditional weddings. But this is not the case with the EESY app, as it can be used to enhance the personal, intimate aspect of weddings.

“The app can be used as a medium to tell the couple’s story.” Mr. Posadas reveals.

This can be done through features that support storytelling, whether through videos, music, text, and other media.

EESY DBF Wedding Planners

All-in-One Wedding App

One of the things that were commended by the wedding organizers is how EESY can be an all-in-one wedding application. Apps for tasks such as scheduling, RSVP, gift registry, wedding blogging, and the like usually require separate channels. However, EESY incorporates all these in one handy application, promoting convenience and efficiency.

Customizability and Real-Time Analytics

Key features of a relaunched EESY include customizability and real-time feedback and analytics. These features are valuable in all types of events, including weddings. Customizability means being able to handpick features you deem necessary for a particular event, enables flexibility and ease of use. Real-time feedback and analytics let the organizers enact last-minute changes to improve the guests’ experience.

Organization and Engagement

Some of the out-of-the-box features of the EESY app are integrated maps, venue and time details, event schedule, and push notifications, which may be used to ensure that people are informed of the details ahead of time, and can even check them again should they forget. For engagement, polls, raffles, and Q&A games may be utilized to make the wedding even more fun and interactive.

Moving Forward with DBF

The Digital Breakfast Forum was made possible through the efforts of the Digital Marketing team under the Business Development group. The Business Development Team envisions the forum to be an effective avenue to gather feedback and interest for Pointwest’s products and services.


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