Thinking IT: Five Traits of A Filipino IT Specialist

December 12, 2016

In this era of digitization, IT specialists have been widely recognized to be significant contributors to the advancement of technology. However, there are still misconceptions on the actual job of an IT specialist. Many think that they all know how  to fix or design computers. Some are automatically thought of as hackers.

The truth is, there is a lot more with regard to what they are. Among the duties of an IT specialist include network management, software development, quality control and database administration. They may also train non-technical workers to be familiar on information systems. Designing systems or assessing the effectiveness of technology resources that are already in use could also be among their tasks.

But beyond their computer-related skills, have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of an IT specialist? The so-called “creatives” – graphic artists and writers, for one – are known for their personal eccentricities. Lawyers are good public speakers and very confident. Scientists are serious and always curious.

So what makes IT people different? What defines the men and women who “talk” to computers?

Being an IT company, we decided to ask our very own Pointwesters about what they think are the traits of an IT specialist. And not just any codeslinger, but that of the Filipino IT professional.

Below  are the top 5 answers obtained from the survey:

1. Innovative

Almost 50% of the 118 respondents answered that an IT specialist is innovative. This definitely validates the actual job of an IT specialist, which is to develop new methods and strategies to make a product or a system better. With all things rapidly evolving in this era, Pointwesters think that people like them should always be resourceful and strategic, able to find new ways of dealing with the challenges of a digital world.

2. Adaptive

Pointwesters also think that a Filipino IT specialist is adaptive. This makes sense especially considering they would most likely work with people having different personalities, be their teammates or clients. The IT industry gets disrupted regularly, too, and its practitioners have to always be on top of the latest developments or become obsolete.

As Pointwest’s own President and CEO, Beng Coronel, said, you either evolve or die in this new digital world.

3. Creative

It is not just enough for an IT specialist to be innovative and adaptive. Pointwesters think that they also have to be creative, in the sense that they themselves could also come up with  new ideas. Creativity is not only concerned with the artistic act of the Creatives; it is also in discovering new techniques that help you find a way around challenging problems or making processes more efficient.

4. Passionate

IT specialists must also be passionate in their work. If a person is passionate about what he or she is doing, consequently, the outcome will most likely be to the best of their abilities. Pointwesters think that it is important to not just be technically proficient but must also strongly believe in what he or she can do for a particular project and in the project itself.

5. With Good Analytic Skills

Good analytic skills help an IT specialist come up with appropriate solutions for their problems. In order to solve a problem especially when dealing with technical aspects, IT specialists should know how to see the situation from different points of view. An IT specialist with good analytic skills can easily solve complex problems by making effective decisions.

Do you agree with our list? Do you think you have similar traits as a Filipino IT specialist? If you have ideas to add on these traits, let us know by sharing your comments below.


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