Introducing the 2016 Business Analyst Bootcamp

September 5, 2016

On September 2016, a business analyst (BA) bootcamp designed to groom individuals in the art of business and consulting will be held at Pointwest Building in Quezon City.

The Business Analyst role is vital to the extraction and firming up of features and requirements of any IT project. Business Analysts also fit any type of development methodology: Waterfall, iterative, or agile methodologies need their semblance of business requirements or features that are best managed by specialists in the role.

The first of its kind, the BA bootcamp is designed to prepare the participants for the vital role.

Entry Level Business Analyst Training – First of its Kind

Previously in Pointwest, the Business Analyst (BA) curriculum was only available for practicing software engineers, who have shown the potential to work as liaisons between clients and the technical team.

However, the organization’s ever-expanding list of clients has further increased the demand for such a role. With this, Pointwest’s Senior Leadership Team decided to open the training to fresh graduates from various Philippine universities and disciplines, and offer them an opportunity to become world-class IT professionals.

Why Be Part of The Bootcamp?

The program offers a complete learning package for those who want to go into business consulting.

Analysis and systems-thinking are the core modules. What makes the BA Bootcamp unique is its immersion-based approach by exposing participants to case studies and presentations, role plays in various corporate settings, and various tools of the trade. Orientation into the latest IT trends is also part of the learning package.

Aside from technical modules, soft skills development is also a core fundamental of the course.

“Distilling it to its core, Business Analysis is all about effective communications. BAs should have the capability to adapt the delivery of their message in terms of the manner, style, tone, level of detail, or channel used regardless of the recipient’s role or rank.” Basil Tabilos, MBA (BA Bootcamp Curriculum Designer)

Ultimately, participants of the bootcamp will be fully compensated while going through the course.

Goal of the Business Analyst Bootcamp

The goal of the program is to hone the skills of the participants, and eventually become fully-equipped IT practitioners that can bridge the gap between business owners and technology experts. Pointwest firmly believes that the bootcamp training can serve as a stepping stone towards enabling enterprises to become better, faster and more attuned to the trends in the world market.

More importantly, it aims to prepare budding IT practitioners to be efficient in business consulting, and pursue a fulfilling and rewarding career as a business analyst.

How To Sign Up or Ask Questions?

Pointwest is in the process of screening candidates.

If you are up to the challenge, find out if you can make the cut by submitting your resumes or CVs to

For further inquiries and details about the BA Entry Level Bootcamp, you can visit the Pointwest Building, UP-AyalaLand TechnoHub, Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City or call us up at 917-1100.


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