Monitoring Your Health and Fitness During the Holidays

December 23, 2016

Monitoring Your Health and Fitness During the Holidays

The long wait is over – holiday season is just around the corner!

Several people always look forward to this time of the year as they can take long breaks from work and spend more time for celebrations, vacations, and reunions. Holidays allow people to refresh their minds and re-energize their bodies. However, while many people enjoy the pleasure that holidays bring, many also tend to forget their health and wellness. Inevitably, some people get ill from all the reveling and merrymaking.

This season, have yourself monitored by these fitness and nutrition essentials so you can stay healthy while enjoying the season.

Calorie Tracking App

Image of Calorie Tracking App

Tracking your daily calorie intake can save you from unwanted weight gain and the complications that brings.

It is understandable for you not to avoid eating unhealthy food but a calorie tracker might help you monitor your intake. There are many calorie tracking applications like MyFitnessPal, EverydayHealth, and FitNow, available in iOS and Android, which can be downloaded to your mobile devices that can help you avoid potential problems, like high-calorie food.

Activity Tracker and Pedometer

Image of Activity Tracker

There are wearable fitness devices out in the market that can be your buddy in tracking daily activities. Some of them are capable of notifying people when it is time to move.

Image of Pedometer

In addition, a pedometer can help you monitor the number of steps you take per day. Ideally, a person should take about 10,000 steps per day to burn more calories by making people move more and eat a little less, according to WebMD.

Basic Bodyweight Exercises

Image of Sample Workout

#NoExcuses – Unavailability of gym equipment should never be a reason for not working out during holidays. Basic bodyweight exercises can aid you in keeping your body active even while on vacation. (Here are some blog posts which you can refer to: NerdFitness, TravelStrong, TrainingPeaks) Also, this would give you more energy to do  more fun and exciting activities.

Know Where the Healthcare Professionals Are

Above all the things being mentioned, it is also necessary to always have an on-the-go healthcare essential that provides the location for nearby accredited hospitals and clinics, a doctor directory, LOA approvals, illustrated guides, wellness notifications like Easimed.

Image for Easimed

Easimed keeps you worry-free when it comes to the need to find healthcare facilities and professionals that could accommodate you anytime and anywhere. With Easimed, access to healthcare providers is within your hands.

Holidays should be celebrated with joy and good cheer. And you can have more fun if you stay healthy and active.

But if you feel any discomfort, open your Easimed app and have yourself checked in the nearest accredited hospitals and doctors. Easimed is your companion to get you right back on track. Happy holidays!


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