Oracle Partnership to Strengthen Pointwest Cloud and Data services

August 22, 2016

Pointwest strengthens its consulting services for Data Management and Analytics, Cloud, and Systems Integration and Architecture with its membership in the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

The OPN membership gives Pointwest access to Oracle’s stack of middleware, database and Cloud-based offerings that aim to broaden Pointwest’s IT services. As a Cloud-Registered Level Partner, Pointwest can help its customers in planning, building and running a Cloud-based business on the Oracle platform. Likewise, the membership further bridges the global distance between Pointwest and its customers through the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

The inclusion of Oracle as a technology platform will augment Pointwest’s own array of digital products and services. Under its own Center of Excellence, the practice is focused to three key service areas: Data Management and Analytics, Cloud Foundation, and Integration and Architecture Consulting.

Going Digital with Oracle

For the recent years, Pointwest’s major goal has been to propel its clients to the digital platform. It has made great strides in offering products and services to empower customers in digitalizing both their processes and their IT support systems. With the advent of Digital SMAC, Big Data, and Internet of Things (IoT), Pointwest continues to re-shape its core competencies, and harness the advancement in technology from its various industry partners (Microsoft, Amazon, Open Source, etc.), which now includes Oracle.

As data becomes the currency of the new digital economy, Pointwest has built its own end-to-end Data Management and Analytics offering ~ from data collection, integration up to insightful and actionable analysis. Enterprises no longer need to work blind when it comes to decision making and risk aversion, in achieving overall business agility.

Pointwest Services via the Oracle PartnerNetwork

The company has long been immersed in Cloud and Managed Services. With the inclusion of Oracle Cloud and its PaaS and IaaS, Pointwest has added alternatives for customers that have Oracle installations, and are looking to capitalize Oracle’s engineered systems on IaaS — enterprise-grade hardware and software — for their mission-critical systems and applications.

For most customers needing a digital presence for their clients, Pointwest can swiftly bring their business to the Cloud with Oracle’s suite of PaaS — e-Commerce, Documents Processing, and Mobile Application Services, to name a few.

Staying On Top of Latest Developments

By becoming an Oracle partner, Pointwest has once again expanded its breadth and depth of an already diversified stack of skills, tools and technologies to better find the exact “fit” for customers’ unique IT requirements.

With its  core competencies in Application Development, Management and Architecture Consulting, Pointwest can now leverage its membership to the Oracle PartnerNetwork to make its ITO services more robust and responsive in helping its customers set their digital transformation journeys in motion.


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