Pointwest attends Slingshot MNL 2015

July 8, 2015

Pointwest Technologies Corporation, one of the country’s top IT-BPM companies, attended Slingshot MNL, the official startup conference of APEC Philippines 2015, showcasing its latest digital products and services.

Among the software Pointwest featured at Slingshot MNL were mobile apps, including the award-winning Arko, and the company’s enterprise service management software, Centerpoint.



“With the pervasiveness of digital devices and the heightened expectations from users on the ease they give in doing everyday activities, it is a race to innovate and create products that may become the next game-changer”
Ma. Cristina “Beng” Coronel, Pointwest President.

“The name of the IT game today truly is innovation,” Jo-Anne Loquellano-Cruz, lead of Pointwest Labs, the company’s in-house idea incubation unit, agrees. “As our senior leadership often tells us Pointwesters, with the rapid pace of change in technology the challenge is to innovate or get disrupted”.

Pointwest was founded in 2003 by the pioneers of the Philippine IT and BPM industries. Today, it is the largest fully Filipino-owned IT-BPM company in the country and provides services to top Fortune 500 companies that include a top airline company and one of the biggest media organizations in the world.

Pointwest won the Innovation Award in the first ever Philippine leg of the ASEAN Business Awards in 2014. The company went on to take First Runner-up honors in the regional level of the Awards held in Myanmar last November 2014. Pointwest has taken home the Best Filipino-owned Company of the Year award of the International ICT Awards Philippines for two straight years running.

To continue its role as a leading innovator in the IT sector of the Philippines, Pointwest founded Pointwest Labs as an incubation group for digital products and solutions, as well as to set up a governance process to move from ideation to commercialization.

One of the products Pointwest is featuring at Slingshot MNL is Arko, an extreme weather and flooding hazard monitoring mobile app developed by Pointwest as a public service in partnership with the DOST’s National Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH). The app is included as part of a suite of weather and hazards monitoring package distributed by Project NOAH to local government units nationwide. Arko is also available for free at Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

In 2014, Arko became the first Philippine-made mobile app to win in the United Nations-backed World Summit Awards for Mobile (WSAm). It also took home the Best Philippine-made Mobile App of the Year award in the 2014 International ICT Awards Philippines.

A recent product that Pointwest Labs helped incubate is Autoparq. Currently at its beta release for the Makati CBD, the mobile app helps drivers find parking areas in their immediate vicinity. Autoparq began as an idea by a group of Pointwesters called Meister Minds that Pointwest Labs mentors.

In the healthcare front, EasiMed is a mobile app that helps HMO members find the nearest accredited hospital and/or medical specialist. It also allows the user to schedule consultations, improve claims processing.

The white-labelled EventsApp is an events management platform that provides a full suite of core and customizable features that help event organizers mount a digital and interactive event. It allows participants to register in-app, view event-related information such as speakers and the agenda, and participate through live polls and feedback. EventsApp was used by the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) during the 2014 Softcon.

The lone non-mobile product feted by Pointwest is Centerpoint, a service management application that seeks to help companies deliver services to their clients with increased effectivity, more efficiency and better transparency. Originally developed to help manage Pointwest’s projects, the company eventually decided to market the system to clients on the strength of its ability to adapt to any project’s requirements. Centerpoint also provides more efficient workflows, better monitoring as well as full transparency for any kind of project. Because of this vision, Centerpoint was accepted into the 2014 PSIA SPRING.ph Launchpad, the local software industry’s incubation group for software products.

Pointwest is hoping that events like Slingshot MNL will encourage more Filipinos to innovate in the field of IT. The company was founded on the belief that Filipino IT professionals are a match for the best in the world. Pointwest’s many awards as well as its proven track record of providing world-class IT services to its clients has shown this belief to be true.

Slingshot MNL featured some of the top international and local figures in the field of startups. The technology conference and exhibition ran from 6-7 July 2015, at the PICC.