Pointwest Champions Philippine IT-BPM in 3 Top Conferences

June 27, 2017

Pointwest, the largest Filipino-owned  IT-BPM company in the Philippines, participated in three international conferences in May, namely, SODEC in Japan, CeBIT in Australia, and CommunicAsia in Singapore, to showcase Philippine IT-BPM capabilities for a global audience of investors, tech giants, businesses, innovators, entrepreneurs, and think tanks.

The focus on top ASEAN conferences propels forward a strategy in the Philippine IT-BPM industry’s 2022 roadmap, to diversify and to penetrate markets apart from US and Europe. Pointwest is the only Philippine company to participate in all three international events this 2017.

The company’s drive to promote the $22.9 billion dollar Philippine IT-BPM industry kicked off at the Software Development Expo 2017 (SODEC) in Tokyo, Japan on May 10th to 12th where the company shared its expertise and experience in Data Engineering and Data Science (Analytics); Enterprise Mobile application development; Omni-channel application development and maintenance; Business Process Management; Software Testing and automation; User Experience (UX) design consulting, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

In a presentation titled “The Possibilities of Collaboration Between Philippine IT Industry and Japanese Companies”, Mr. Shingo Tsuboi from IBS cited his company’s ongoing partnership with Pointwest during the Business Matching activity of the Philippine Delegation at the Osaki Bright Core Building in Shinagawa on May 9. This activity created a platform for one-on-one dialogue between Philippine IT-BPM companies and Japanese business and technology leaders, who took home Tsuboi-san’s key message that “among all the Philippine IT companies in [this] business matching event, you will absolutely be able to find a Philippine partner most suitable for your business operations”.

Philippine Delegation at SODEC
This is the Philippine Pavilion for SODEC  2017 that was made possible with the kind assistance of DTI – Export Marketing Bureau , Department of Information and Communications Technology – DICT and Philippine Software Industry Association.

The company next showcased Philippine IT-BPM sector advancements in CeBIT Australia that took place on May 23rd to 25th. CeBIT Australia is the largest and longest running B2B technology exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. Pointwest’s participation aimed to promote digital solutions and innovative products for the Transportation and Travel, Logistics, Digital Health, Pharmacovigilance, Fintech and Banking, and the Retail industries. The delegation, which comprised of members from 9 IT companies in Philippines, interacted with Australian businessmen and organizations to share expertise on Data Engineering and Data Science; User Experience Consulting; Cybersecurity Consulting; Software Testing and Automation; Cloud Transformation Consulting; Mobile Computing; Application Development and Management, and Business Process Management. The Australian market is already familiar territory for Pointwest, given its partnerships with two fast-growing Australian small-to-midsize businesses for whom the company developed enterprise software products.  

Jon Alfonso and Jay Joson at CeBIT Australia
Pointwest’s Jay Joson and Jon Alfonso take a moment to pose in front of the company booth in their barong tagalog, a traditional Filipino menswear,  for Day 2 of CeBIT Australia.

Lastly, Pointwest joined another nine company delegation in CommunicAsia 2017, an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) exhibition and conference held on May 23rd to 25th in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. As the premier sourcing and knowledge ICT platform in Asia, the ICT conference showcased trending technologies that fostered much dialogue and discussion of partnerships. These included Smart Cities, IoT, Security & CyberSecurity, Enterprise Mobility, and Borderless Broadband, as well as specific solutions for learning management and mobile remittance  With Singapore being the main Asian hub for global companies, this conference was a great opportunity for the Filipino IT-BPM industry to increase its visibility, moreso with the Philippines as the featured country-in-focus during a seminar aptly-titled Philippines Connect.

Pointwest Booth at Communicasia
Pointwest’s Jason dela Peña took this picture of the Pointwest booth at CommunicAsia 2017 moments before the start of Day 2 of the conference.

Pointwest’s main emphasis in these conferences was largely to  highlight Filipino talent and the company’s commitment to technological excellence and innovation in the IT-BPM sector. This purpose-driven approach is deeply rooted in the company’s DNA since its founding 2003, and has led to mutually beneficial partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and global enterprises.

“Companies these days are undergoing massive digital transformations to cater to the growing challenges and needs in their specific industries, so embracing innovation and adopting modern digital solutions is now de facto for continued relevance, competitiveness, and customer intimacy. Pointwest is keen to be a partner for businesses who wish to thrive in this fourth industrial revolution.” Beng Coronel, Pointwest President

Events like SODEC, CeBIT and CommunicAsia2017 serve as global platforms for companies to present and share best practices in IT alongside the latest trends and ground-breaking knowledge, paving the way for international collaborations and partnerships.

With over 1,200 employees, three delivery centers in the Philippines and strong presence in ASEAN, the United States and Japan, it has been Pointwest’s mission to develop and showcase world-class Filipino IT talent to the global stage.


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