Pointwest Drives Digital Transformation at the IBPAP HR Summit

Mike Togle
October 1, 2018

Pointwest, the country’s largest fully-Filipino digital IT innovation firm, brought the latest in global digital solutions to the many disruptions in human capital management when it attended the IBPAP HR Summit last September 10-11, 2018 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, Marriott Manila.

The Pointwest contingent was lead by Chief Financial Officer Jowee Reyes, head of Global HCM Chona Ahorro, and head of Pointwest Philippines HCM Annalie Ventura. They were joined by Learning and Development head Albert Don Gozar, Talent Acquisition head Lucy Collada, and Healthcare Manager JL Botor.

Among the digital solutions Pointwest offered include Axis 360, Mento, Easimed, and Centerpoint. The company also showcased its enterprise solutions such as RPA, cybersecurity consulting, user experience design, and mobile applications development to those interested in a full-suite of digital services.

The Pointwest booth saw significant traffic during the event, with many Summit participants dropping by to know how the digital tools and solutions offered by the company could help deal with the HCM challenges they face.

An example of this is Mento, an eLearning  platform that provides an environment where users can access learning resources and keep track of their own progress. Mento allows trainers to more easily manage and develop different courses and modules. The platform also uses data to help administrators and educators measure and improve modules and programs offered to learners.

Another way for technology to help HR is Axis 360. Information is a key ingredient in effective decision-making. Axis 360 gives you that all-around view of employee interactions within your organization. Its descriptive, visual, and statistical analyses of data relevant to HR processes, human capital management, organizational performance and external economic benchmarks empower you in making decisions that bring real and measurable benefits.

The IBPAP HR Summit itself was digitally powered by Pointwest. The mobile app that helped attendees have an easier and more digitally engaging time at the conference was powered by Pointwest’s EESY, which allows for easy tracking of talks, engagement with speakers, and sharing of experiences through social media. EESY also made it easier for attendees to interact with the many booths at the exhibit area. EESY also provided a Green Rating that measures how much paper was saved by the event through the app’s features that allow exhibitors to give attendees digital brochures and other collaterals instead of the traditional paper ones.

“Entire industries are being disrupted by rapid developments in technology and human behavior, and HR is not immune to this,” Ms. Ahorro said. “Our digital solutions give HR practitioners the tools and techniques they need to keep apace with these disruptions and better serve their organizations and employees.”