Pointwest Gains New Scrum Masters

July 5, 2013

Pointwest continues to hone its Agile edge as the number of Scrum Masters in the company increased after four Pointwesters managed to get certifications at the end of a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) assessment.

The four are Dave Aguila, Jean Co, Rhea Latoga and Rex Ramos. By passing the assessment, they are now considered as Professional Scrum Masters I and their names appear in the Certification Lists of Scrum.org. 

PSM I’s are defined in the lists as persons who have “demonstrated full knowledge of Scrum roles, events, artifacts, and the rules of the Scrum framework that bind them together.” 

Rene Canlas, Banking and Retail Market Circle head, said that the four passers took the assessment to validate their knowledge of the Agile/Scrum practice. He pointed out that passing the assessment was a sure indication of their capability with the Scrum framework, earning for Aguila, Co, Latoga and Ramos their title of Professional Scrum Masters.

Scrum has rules that bring together events, roles and artifacts within Scrum Teams. Scrum is not a process for making products but a framework where you can employ different processes to complete objectives or make products in a timely, effective and efficient manner.

Scrum Masters ensure that the framework runs smoothly within Scrum Teams by being very familiar with the rules under which Scrum operates. They are also responsible for continuous improvements on the process, the team and whatever product is being made by the team.

For this reason, Scrum Masters are very important in ensuring that a company using Agile practices remains competitive and on the cutting edge. This is why tests to certify PSMs are quite difficult. Obtaining the Scrum Master title is no mean feat.

“Agile frameworks like Scrum help organizations speed up time to market for products by increase productivity and response times to changes in the production process,” 

Rene Quizon, Pointwest’s Senior Executive, said. “With four new Scrum Masters in the Pointwest roster, we can be assured that the company can meet the demands of our clients, no matter what they are.” [end]