Pointwest Enables HIMAP Members with Analytics, AI, and RPA

Mike Togle
December 6, 2018

As the year ends, businesses strive to prepare their organizations for the challenges of meeting targets for the next period. With markets having been disrupted by technology, business leaders turn to experts for a better understanding on how these advancements can make their companies thrive. On December 6, 2018, HIMAP hosts innovation enablement sessions for its member companies empowered by Pointwest and its technology partners.

The Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) brings together the Philippines’ most distinguished and active players in the healthcare information management industry to understand the potential of using technology to improve their operations and have a forward-looking view of what lies ahead. Enablement comes part of serving the needs of such HIM service organizations, HIM Education and training centers and vendors as it promotes the Philippines as the destination of choice for quality Healthcare Information Management services.

Focused on Analytics, AI and RPA, the enablement talk comes in two sessions. Session 1 focuses on how Data Analytics and AI brings value to BPO operations, while the succeeding session highlights how RPA and AI revolutionizes BPO. Pointwest Healthcare BPM Practice Head JL Botor moderates a Panel discussion to culminate the second session.

“Recent advancements in technology continues to change the game for various markets,” HIMAP President and Pointwest CEO Beng Coronel said. “The HIM industry is not immune to such disruptions. In fact, it has the most to gain in bringing better services to Healthcare companies around the globe.”

Technology Adding Value to Healthcare BPO

Healthcare BPO service organizations can benefit from innovative technologies like Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is the theme of the 1st session of the talk with speakers from Pointwest taking the stand, which starts at 1PM.

Pointwest Digital Capability Development Head Sherwin Pelayo talks about the use of Analytics to improve Patient Experience, gathering proper data to form insights on patient needs and wants in the New Health Economy.

With AI being the more recent trending technology, Pointwest’s AI Capability Head, Mac Aydinan, focuses on how smart technologies can transform the BPO workspace.

RPA and AI Revolutionizes BPO Operations

Experts from two leading RPA platforms highlight the second session of the talk. UiPath Philippines Sales Manager Ferdie Macatangay and BluePrism Channel Director, ASEAN Krishan Kant talk about how BPO operations are revolutionized and shifted by Robotic Process Automation. UiPath and BluePrism are two leading RPA platforms and are listed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, with Pointwest as their local implementing technology partner.

Following the RPA experts, Pointwest RPA Manger Emil Cruz relates the benefits to actual intricacies that may be experienced during actual RPA implementations.

“With all the benefits that RPA brings to operations, companies have to understand what actual implementations entail — what processes can be nominated for automation, preparations to be made and the challenges that may lie ahead,” says Emil Cruz.

Taking the Leap into Smart Automation

Pointwest shares in HIMAP’s mission in bringing HIM service organizations to the global stage. With businesses from all around the world looking forward to quality Healthcare Information Management services globally, Philippine HIM companies need to both provide added value or reduce costs to differentiate themselves from competing countries in the global sourcing arena.

By using smart automation technologies that combine analytics, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation, organizations can streamline operations, reduce costs, and provide accurate and quicker services to their clients.

Having successfully delivered these innovative technologies to organizations around the globe, Pointwest stands at the ready to further empower HIM organizations and give them opportunities to reap benefits, and, in turn, provide value to their clients.