Pointwest joins UiPath RPA provider network; strengthens APJ support

Mike Togle
April 18, 2018

April 5, 2018–Pointwest Technologies joins leading RPA technology vendor UiPath’s stellar network of service providers and authorized resellers worldwide, to strengthen customer service and implementation for firms operating out of Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ).

“We’ve had early and encouraging proofs-of-concepts on the benefits of RPA to automate key business processes of our clients,” relates Ma. Cristina (Beng) Coronel, Pointwest CEO, “and our partnership with RPA leader UiPath solidifies our vision to enable our clients’ digital transformation through intelligent automation.”

UiPath performed impressively in 2017, with the $1B-valued tech startup posting 1000% revenue growth, and its similarly-named enterprise RPA platform earning glowing citations from analyst firms Forrester (“Leader”), Horses for Sources (“Winner’s Circle”), and Everest (“Technology Leader” and “Star Performer”).

As both an authorized reseller and service provider, customers can not only purchase UiPath licenses from Pointwest, but also, tap Pointwest to begin their RPA practice, or support their current UiPath implementation.

Emil Cruz, Pointwest Manager and Head of RPA, refers to the technology as a game-changer for its proven gains, stating, “We’ve demonstrated RPA can deliver on a slew of business benefits, and Pointwest’s track record as a digital innovation partner means it can ably guide APJ companies seeking to automate business and even IT processes.”

Building an intelligent and digital workforce

RPA makes use of software “robots”, which process structured and semi-structured data, to more swiftly and accurately perform repetitive, manual, and typically mundane tasks. This leads to a “smarter and digital” workforce that blends humans and machines.

In one Pointwest case study for a US-based Healthcare Information Management client doing repetitive back office work such as claims processing, RPA led to “fewer (human) resources needed to complete the same amount of tasks, but at faster rate and with a higher degree of accuracy”.

The freed-up human agents were proposed to be retrained for higher-value jobs that aimed to ‘take the robot out of humans’, based on a London School of Economics professor’s observation that RPA frees up people to do tasks that tap into “human strengths” such as emotional intelligence, reasoning, and empathy.

Collaborating towards Intelligent Automation

The UiPath partnership equips Pointwest to become multi-platform through a wider breadth of RPA tools, be responsive to unique customer needs, and deliver the best value for its clients.

Another goal is to harness technologies that can simplify decision making by making sense of unstructured data–such as speech–or what is known as Intelligent Automation, which is purported to usher in another era of innovation.

Jason dela Peña, Pointwest Lead for Partnerships and Alliances, notes that out of all industries, shared services and BFSI were among the quickest to pilot RPA technology, which may be attributed to standardized processes in business process management and finance and accounting. He welcomes all Philippine businesses keen to future-proof their operations to consult with Pointwest.

Cruz affirms, “Pointwest is thrilled to offer a premium RPA brand trusted for global and enterprise-wide scalability, defense-grade security, and ease of use. We’ll work hand in hand with our clients to achieve the robotic solution that addresses their unique digital workforce vision”.


About Pointwest

Founded in 2003 by pioneers of the Philippine Global Sourcing industry, Pointwest creates value for its list of satisfied clients — including top Fortune 100 and local companies — with world-class IT and BPM services backed by international-standards methodologies and innovative practices.

About UiPath

UiPath is a global and leading developer for enterprise Robotic Process Automation, enabling the rapid deployment of software robots that dramatically improve business productivity, compliance and customer service across back-office and front-office operations.