Pointwest Seals Partnership with DataMicron for Full-Stack Analytics

Mike Togle
April 3, 2018

Rockwell Business Center, Ortigas–March 16, 2018–Digital innovation firm Pointwest Technologies formalized with boutique analytics company DataMicron a strategic partnership that has been brewing for three years.

Renato “Rene” Quizon, Pointwest Chairman and Executive Vice President for Business Development, disclosed that Pointwest sought partners to enrich its growing Data Management and Data Science practice. He praised DataMicron’s enterprise business intelligence platform, Insta BI, explaining it accelerates generating value out of the data–even from Excel spreadsheets.

“Insta BI’s power comes from combining ETL, visualization, and predictive analytics, and its capability to embed application services, making it full-stack or end-to-end, so clients no longer have to buy and integrate multiple products,” Quizon noted. “This fits excellently with Pointwest’s own commercial IP, Axis360, that aims to create a golden record of customers in one single place.”

Coronel and Ting shaking hands

“We have a common mission; we’ve been in the field for 15 years now when it (data analytics) really picked up in the last five years,” Jimmy Ting, CEO of DataMicron said, “And the Philippines is promising with its English-speaking talent, with more data scientists coming out.”

Domain expertise, not tools, key to sales

Leading executives from both tech companies highlighted the partnership’s synergy, given Pointwest’s experience in the verticals of banking and retail, health information management, supply chain management, and travel and transportation, which complement DataMicron’s own domain expertise and its laser focus on business intelligence and data analytics.

“Brands who innovate for the digital-savvy and discriminating consumer need to take aggregate stock of their domain to empathize and adapt the customer experience. This happens more swiftly when decision-makers can visualize key data.”Ma. Cristina “Beng” Coronel, Pointwest President

Ting acknowledges that it’s deep domain expertise–more than the tools–that can drive actual sales and real transformational change, and this can happen through collaboration with the right partners.

Cloud-agnostic and full-stack analytics

The Insta BI business intelligence platform is ready for deployment on any cloud service provider, but on-premise installations and hybrid cloud architectures have also been implemented. Its core strength as a full-stack platform means it can extract from simple spreadsheets, such as MS Excel, run ETL processes, and then display these as highly-configurable and intuitive visual dashboards for decision-makers.

InstaBI Analytics Enablement Session with DataMicron

DataMicron’s satisfied clients span omni-channel retail, digital banking, telecommunications, and smart cities, to name a few, who have leveraged on the platform’s powerful analytics to predict future events, which include customer churn, the probability of cross-selling, and energy efficiency. Some projects use cutting-edge technology such as wearables and the Internet of Things or IoT.

A strategic alliance

“With Pointwest, we are looking [forward] on how to bring this [expertise], and also [other tech such as] IoT, sensors, and RFID alongside other partners from Japan, China, Indonesia, to benefit the [ASEAN] region. I’m really excited and thankful to grow together and grow the industry.”Jimmy Ting, DataMicron CEO

Pointwest and DataMicron Photo Ops after Signing Partnership contract

Quizon agrees, “We are eager to take your powerful tool across the region, into our focus domains such as digital health and BFSI, and into the Philippines.”


About Pointwest

Founded in 2003 by pioneers of the Philippine Global Sourcing industry, Pointwest creates value for its list of satisfied clients — including top Fortune 100 and local companies — with world-class IT and BPM services backed by international-standards methodologies and innovative practices.

About DataMicron

DataMicron is a technology company  which offers innovative solutions for Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Business Intelligence (BI).