Pointwest President Gives Talks in Contact Center Expo

August 30, 2013

International Contact Center Conference and Expo

Ma. Cristina “Beng” Coronel, President of Pointwest Technologies Corporation, recently attended the latest Contact Center Expo to impart some of the knowledge and experience of one of the top IT-BPO companies of the Philippines to the attendees of the conference.

Ms. Coronel was a speaker in two sessions of the 2013 International Contact Center Conference and Expo (ICCCE) in Cebu.  The two activities Pointwest’s President led was a workshop that discussed opportunities in healthcare and a Master Class roundtable discussion on the challenges encountered by businesses within the industry.

The workshop Ms. Coronel was part of dealt with opportunities in health care outsourcing. The activity was aimed at executives of contact centers as well as entrepreneurs looking at health care outsourcing. Ms. Coronel was one of two presenters, the other being Jeffrey Scott Williams, the Assistant Vice Pres. for Global Clinical Services and Operations of Medicall Philippines, Inc, A Cognizant company.

“Our discussions were intended to provide baseline inputs that will allow participants to identify opportunities, present challenges and hopefully come up with ideas to remove barriers,” Ms. Coronel said. “I walked through the functions and processes of the various players and the recommendations from studies on various growth opportunities for Philippine providers.”

During the workshop, a participant asked what her medical transcription business can do to remain competitive. Ms. Coronel and Jeffrey Williams suggested to the participant that she takes steps to improve their processes, productivity and quality, utilize the latest in technology (speech recognition software), get into the Service Level Agreement (SLA) billing model to retain their market and improve their profitability even given the price war with cheaper competitors.

The second session participated in by Ms. Coronel was the Master Class roundtable discussion titled, “From SMEs to Large Corporations: Sustaining Long-Term, Growth in a Highly Competitive Environment.” Ms. Coronel was joined by Bong Borja, the President of EGS and a Director of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP).

Ms. Coronel gave the participants, all of whom were senior leaders from Small-and-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), seven tips: Dream big; get immediate traction through your first account; work on your growth engine; think global, act local; build a culture of excellence; know your client and market, and; innovate.

The ICCCE is regarded as the world’s largest conference for the contact center industry. It is produced by the CCAP. The conference is currently on its ninth year and attracts thousands of delegates, exhibitors, visitors and professionals from all over the world. [end]