Pointwest Promotes Mobile Culture, Holds Company-wide ‘Android Challenge’

September 18, 2012

Manila, Philippines — In an increasingly mobile world, the ability to adapt to change ensures you will never be left behind. But the ability to set the pace of change, which others must follow, makes you both leader and innovator. 

With this in mind, Pointwest challenges its largely technical community: Are you content with just keeping up the pace, or would you much rather set the trend?


Pointwesters can prove themselves by joining the Android Challenge, organized by the company’s Mobile Group, in coordination with the Learning & Development Team and the Pointwest Technology Office. While it might sound like a battle between man and machine, the event actually consists of a Boot Camp and Android programming contest.

The Boot Camp, scheduled on September 29, 2012, is where the participants will be rigorously schooled in the basics of Android application development.

The second part of the event is the contest, where the Boot Campers can validate their newly-acquired skills by creating an Android mobile application that meets the requirements set by the contest committee. Below are the contest mechanics:



The Android Challenge is open to all Pointwest developers (SE2 to SE5), probationary or regular, who are interested in learning basic Android programming. 

Contest Duration

Teams/ pairs are given until October 12, 10 pm, to submit the final version of their entries. Presentation and judging of entries will be on October 13; announcement of winners will be on October 16. 

Application Process

Participation is limited; only the best of the best will prevail. The contest has only 10 slots and interested participants will need to apply for a slot. The Contest Committee (composed of Pointwest Managers and Architects) will review each application.

Those interested (and brave enough) to join can email their application to ptcmobilechallenge@pointwest.com.ph. Participants must indicate their practice/ project affiliation and the name of their Manager. (Consent from Managers is required before being allowed to participate.)

Here’s the tricky part: Participants must include in their application a short paragraph explaining why they should be one of the 10. Deadline of applications is on Wednesday, September 26, at 12 noon.

Grouping and Project Selection 

The 10 participants will be divided into pairs, with each pair working on a designated mobile application. Groupings will be done at the discretion of the Contest Committee, while the assignment of the mobile application will be done through the process of drawing lots. 


  • SQLite database access
  • Social network interaction (FB, Twitter, etc.)
  • Use of Google Maps API and Location-based Services (LBS)
  • Use of built-in camera
  • Sending of SMS/ MMS
  • Use of 2D bar codes (optional)

The minimum supported SDK version is 2.3 (Gingerbread).

Note that not all of the technologies to be used in the contest proper will be taught during the Boot Camp. This is done to encourage the participants to continue the learning on their own. The Contest Committee will be in charge of finalizing specifications for the mobile applications that will be used for the programming contest. 

Contest Rules 

  • Teams/ pairs may consult with the assigned Mobile Group members. The Mobile Group members, however, are not allowed to code on behalf of the participants or provide the code for them.
  • Each team/ pair is expected to work on their assigned mobile application without assistance from external parties. Violation of this rule constitute as grounds for disqualification.
  • Except for existing Android APIs, and APIs related to the categories  described above, the participants are not allowed to use third-party code/s in their applications.  Cutting and pasting of code from external sources is strictly not allowed and constitutes as grounds for disqualification.

Presentation of Entries 

The teams will present their mobile applications to the Contest Committee and panel of judges.  Each team will be given up to 30 minutes for the following: 

·         Overview of the mobile application

·         Division of Labor

·         Demonstration

·         Code inspection

·         Q&A                             


  • Completeness and Correctness (50%) — Has the team implemented all required features correctly?
  • UI Aesthetics and Usability (30%) – How attractive is the UI and how usable is the interface?
  • Code Quality (15%) — Does the code follow android coding best practices?  Does it implement proper error handling?
  • Demonstration Proper (5%) — Was the demo well-rehearsed and was the execution flawless?

Announcement of Winners

The winners of the contest will be announced on October 16. First, Second, and Third Prizes will be awarded. The contest results will be published on the corporate website, eTuldok, and official social media platforms.


·         First Prize — Php5,000.00

·         Second Prize — Php3,000.00

·         Third Prize — Php2,000.00


So, Pointwesters, are you game?