Digitizing Events Reimagined: Pointwest Relaunches EESY Application with New Features

Kat Dacusin
March 7, 2019

Pointwest, a fully-Filipino IT company in the Philippines, relaunches the EESY (Events Engagement Suite for You) solution in a beta version on March 04, 2019. The update focuses on real-time data analytics and customizability.

EESY is a mobile application for boosting event management during pre-event, event proper, and post-event. It boasts of a comprehensive set of digital features for your events that allow for easier information dissemination, engagement, and evaluation.

Pointwest offers the new EESY as a more powerful tool for digitizing events engagement and management. By utilizing numerous observations and insights from prior implementation of EESY, the new features are made to add value to how events can be measured real-time and also customized by event organizers by themselves.

Real-Time Analytics

EESY makes the most out of data analytics enabled for real-time analysis. Analytics from event attendees, speakers, sponsors, and event organizers are accessed real-time, enabling just-in-time changes to be enacted for the improvement of the event as it happens.

The aid of live feedback ensures that event organizers can make necessary changes immediately to help improve attendee experience.


This version of the application also gives the upper hand to the event organizers in terms of seamless application customization, affording flexibility. Event organizers may handpick the application features that they will deem necessary for the exact needs of the event.

Event organizers may also alter contents of the app such as banners, details on the event venue, and promotional materials. These changes and additions, even if made on the event proper, are immediately reflected in the app, vastly reducing turnaround time. This avoids confusion for relaying the changes in the event details, as they are readily reflected in the mobile application content without the need for deployment nor republishing on the app stores.

EESY Events Collage

Some of the events digitized by EESY: International Innovation Summit, SOFTCON.ph, AFES, GoNegosyo Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit, IBPAP HR Summit, HIMSCON, ABIS, and Speed Networking Night

More Features

Other features of the application include polls, moderator-to-questions pairing, QR code creation for brochures/presentation materials, push notification requests, raffle module configuration, camera filters, and many more. These help ensure a higher level of event engagement which will be mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

Events Engagement Empowered by EESY

EESY digitized several conferences and has been instrumental in measuring the success of events such as The Philippine Software Industry Conference (SOFTCON.ph), Healthcare Information Management Services Conference (HIMSCON), and ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (ABIS), and other events across the IT, Healthcare, Banking, and other industries.

On the decision to further improve EESY through its new features, Mr. Raymond Posadas, Pointwest Product Manager for EESY, emphasizes the mobile application’s impact on society.

“We want to contribute to the roster of highly functional mobile applications available in the market today.  We want to bring efficiency in every aspect of people’s lives. If we can do it for events, where people of different backgrounds converge, then we believe we can also do it for a broader audience of businesses and customers.”

— Raymond Posadas, Pointwest Product Manager


About Pointwest

Founded in 2003 by pioneers of the Philippine Global Sourcing industry, Pointwest creates value for its list of satisfied clients — including top Fortune 100 and local companies — with world-class digital innovation and IT modernization services backed by international-standard methodologies, and innovative practices.