Pointwest @ SoftCon 2015: Events Engagement App and a Talk on the Latest Industry Trends

October 30, 2015

Pointwest Technologies Corporation, one of the leading fully Filipino-owned Philippine IT-BPM firms, once again joins the top names of the country’s information technology industry in SoftCon 2015, or the Philippine Software Industry Conference.

Atty. Kim Deloria, one of Pointwest’s Senior Software Engineers, will give a talk on Debunking Test Automation Myths, while Head of Human Capital Management Maria Rosario (Chona) Ahorro will join the panel on The Right Stuff Among Developers. For the second straight year, SoftCon will be using an events engagement mobile application that Pointwest developed and dubbed as EESY, or Events Engagement Suite for You.

“Keeping current with industry thought leaders is how we maintain our edge, and SoftCon is one of the best local forums of its kind to network and to validate ideas,” Ma. Cristina “Beng” Coronel, Pointwest President, said.

Organized by the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), SoftCon is the annual gathering of members of the Philippine IT industry to discuss current trends and future ideas in technology that impact businesses, governments and organizations. The 2015 SoftCon will be held this coming November 4-5 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom Manila, with the theme, “Breaking the Code.”

Since 2014, Pointwest has provided the SoftCon with EESY, which is designed to help event organizers and speakers engage and interact with their audience for a richer conference experience. EESY’s features help delegates get to their preferred talks and tracks on time, know speaker’s profiles, engage with questions and polls, and keep track of other attractions during an event. Given the multi-track format of SoftCon’s second day, knowing when and where a talk is happening can be vital to participants wishing to make the most of the event. EESY also provides Softcon participants an efficient way to direct questions to speakers.

As one of the leading IT-BPM firms of the Philippines, Pointwest has been a strong supporter of SoftCon since the first one in 2013. Ms. Coronel was one of the speakers of the first Softcon. The company has also been a sponsor of the event since 2013.

“We are behind the PSIA and Softcon a hundred and one percent,” Ms. Coronel, who also served three terms as president of the PSIA, said. “Because our industry’s collective growth redounds to our own”.