Pointwest and Softomotive Showcase RPA Benefits for Philippine Businesses

November 28, 2017

Pointwest, the largest Filipino-owned IT-BPM and digital transformation company, and one of the top global automation service providers, Softomotive, signed a partnership agreement meant to better bring the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Philippine businesses and organizations.

The partnership was signed between Pointwest President and CEO Ma. Cristina “Beng” Coronel and Balaji Hariharan, Softomotive’s Managing Director for India and Asia-Pacific. Several of Pointwest’s current clients and some interested businesses witnessed the private event. This collaboration is expected to put first-in-class global-quality RPA within the reach of Philippine companies.

“With the digital transformation journey that a lot of our clients are embarking on, there has been a demand for an improvement in process efficiencies, cycle times, and price points, making automation an imperative for us to offer.” Ma. Cristina “Beng” Coronel, Pointwest President and CEO

Calling it an “auspicious day”, Coronel mentioned that Pointwest has been looking for RPA partners who can provide the best tools with a differentiated value proposition to offer to clients.

“We have found the right partner, and that is Softomotive,” Coronel said.

RPA is the use of “smart” software to easily and accurately perform certain tasks, like those that require a high level of repetition. Instead of having a human do such menial tasks over and over again, RPA uses what is called a “digital workforce” made of software “robots.”

More and more companies are realizing the advantages automation brings, resulting in an increasing demand for RPA services. But finding the best-fit solution that truly addresses a company’s automation needs is often one of the biggest challenges facing leaders; more so than the need for an RPA technology itself.

Rene Quizon, Pointwest’s Senior Executive for Business Development, talked about how Softomotive’s brand of RPA allows companies to “get opportunities in savings and the ability to scale up in terms of RPA.”

“And that’s a big thing because enterprises, particularly in the Philippines, are cost conscious. You want to do trials but at the same time you want to make sure that it’s cost-effective. I think that’s what Softomotive can offer us.”Rene Quizon, Pointwest Senior Executive for Business Development

This alliance between the pioneering Philippine digital service provider and one of the top global RPA technology providers aims to bring high-quality digital workforce implementations to industry players who need it without incurring prohibitive costs. (Read News: Smarter RPA Services with Pointwest and Softomotive Parternship)

“We hope that this partnership will take us to greater heights, and we are going to give you our full support in promoting top-caliber RPA services in the Philippines.” Balaji Hariharan, Softomotive Managing Director for India and Asia-Pacific

(WATCH: Softomotive and Pointwest Partnership Bring Smarter RPA Services to Philippine Businesses)


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