Pointwest’s “My Dream in a Shoebox” reaches Sitio Quartel

January 30, 2017

On December 10, 2016, Pointwest’s Bible study-group (BSG) launched an outreach program, “My Dream in a Shoebox,” to give 100 kids shoeboxes containing kits with hygiene and school supplies.

A group of 18 volunteers led by Andi, project coordinator, decided to focus their outreach to a remote Aeta community in Sitio Quartel in Brgy. Aglao, San Marcelino, Zambales. The group teamed up with Sola Gratia Ministries, a non-profit organization helping volunteers meet and get to know the Aeta community.

The original plan of the BSG was to provide shoeboxes to 100 children, but donations exceeded the target amount. This allowed them to gift more kids.

The group started collecting donations by asking friends and Church communities. Eventually, they reached out to Pointwest’s CSR program to gather donations from employees through pledge walls. Pointwest also provided the group the two vans they needed to reach Sitio Quartel.

Each shoebox contains a hygiene kit that includes soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and a towel. It also carried school supplies such as pad paper, pencil, color, sharpener, eraser and notebooks.

Collage of Pictures from the CSR Activity

Even after every child received a shoebox and a pair of slippers, there were still excess donations and other items such as activity books, other school supplies, clothes, canned goods, biscuits, tumblers, multivitamins and bag kits. These items were left to the care of the village leaders for them to distribute. Toys such as Barbie dolls, Lego kits, balls and puzzles were also handed out. The team also provided each family a solar lamp for their homes.

“Sa tuwing gagamitin at makikita namin ang ilaw ng solar lamp, maaalala namin kayo at ang inyong kabutihan saamin.” A woman leader of the Sitio Quartel

Joys and Woes for Sitio Quartel

Besides the donations, the volunteers prepared a program and lunch for the community. The contingent entertained the families with games, song and dance numbers, storytelling and other activities. One of the activities was to help the children make a Christmas card for their family. For lunch, the group bought ingredients for Pancit, Adobo and rice at the market in Zambales, which the food committee and the mothers in Sitio Quartel cooked together.

Sitio Quartel moms and Pointwest cooks a meal together

Moreover, the community shared that they are currently experiencing a water source issue. They are having a difficult time getting water as the bukal or hot springs that serves as their source is far from their Sitio.

They tried to set up a deep well but failed several times. For anyone wishing to help with securing clean water for the community, you may contact Joel del Rosario.

“What may be simple for us is already extravagant to them. Like clean water, electricity, education, hygiene kits, food and a lot other things that we easily take for granted because it is readily accessible to us. This outreach has reminded me to be appreciative of what I have and be generous with the ones who need it the most.” Paolo, Pointwest Transportation Software Engineer


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