President Aquino Leads Inauguration of Pointwest’s new office at Rockwell Business Center

Mike Togle
November 26, 2015

President Benigno S. Aquino III led the inauguration of the 3rd delivery center of Pointwest Technologies Corporation in the Metro Manila: the Pointwest Digital Center at the Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas.

The Pointwest Digital Center will house the company’s digital services and products. Digital Services such as digital transformation consulting, data management and analytics, cloud computing, enterprise mobility services under the ambit of application development and management are to reside in this location.

Pointwest is one of the leading 100% Filipino-owned IT-BPM companies. It provides IT and non-voice, high-value BPM services and solutions to companies in the Fortune 500 as well as some of the top corporations, organizations and government offices in the Philippines.

“The success story of Pointwest Technologies is a testament to the skill and talent of the Filipino people and to our nation’s continued leadership in the IT-BPM industry,” Pres. Aquino said. “Indeed: Your belief in the capacities of your fellow Filipinos seems to be at an all-time high, because you express it not in words, but also in pesos and centavos, to the tune of an additional P40 million in investments in the firm.”

“For your trust and confidence in your own country and, more importantly, in your own people, obviously, you have my utmost gratitude,” President Aquino added.

“At Pointwest, we aspire to be salt and light for our countrymen,” Ma. Cristina Coronel, Pointwest’s President, said. “We dream of becoming an icon for Philippine IT-BPM and do our share for the Philippines’ economic growth story. It is our own contribution towards nation-building.”

Pointwest’s software engineers are already located in the new site including those who are involved in product development under Pointwest Labs, the company’s idea acceleration arm. Pointwest has now several products that are in different stages of commercialization.

Foremost is the weather and flood monitoring mobile app of DOST’s Project NOAH aptly called Arko, a mobile app for flood hazard and extreme weather monitoring. Arko has been accorded several international and domestic recognitions as not only a novel app but an app that can save lives and property under Disaster Management. Another app called Easimed is a healthcare suite that connects patients, doctors, hospitals, employers and HMOS. There were a couple of other apps that were showcased during the inaugural.

Pointwest has also started offering digital services to enterprises and corporates starting with enterprise mobility services and data management and analytics. It has a cadre of software engineers who are focused on Big Data.

The “Nexus of Forces” is the convergence of social media, mobile, big data and analytics and cloud computing, sometimes called SMAC digital services. Business rules are changing and digital SMAC technologies are disrupting every industry today. SMAC is changing the world that we live in: how customers interact with products and services, how employees interact with their employers, how partner firms collaborate. Boundaries are being eroded and erased as businesses become more and more agile particularly with the use of technologies such as social media, mobility, analytics and cloud computing.

SMAC technologies have created an ecosystem that can allow a business to improve its operations and be in touch with the customer. With proliferation of data that is both structured and unstructured created by mobile devices, sensors, social media, loyalty card programs and website browsing, new business models are being conceived that are built upon this vast customer-generated data.

Today’s customers and employees are expecting a new style of commerce, content and collaboration that is social-, mobile-,
analytics-, and cloud-enabled. They are looking for the same anytime, anywhere, and any-device convenience that they’re familiar with in their personal lives through applications that are ubiquitous.

“We at Pointwest believe that a big part of the answer lies in truly grasping the essence of digital services and products,” Ms. Ma. Josefina Reyes, Pointwest’s Senior Executive for Administration and Finance, said. “And we believe that Pointwest has the processes, tools, the world-standard infrastructure and facilities, and most importantly, the highly-talented and much-praised Filipino IT professional to help make it happen.”