Full Circle: 2KK Scholar is now a Pointwester

Kat Dacusin
April 23, 2019


Others. Neighbor. Fellow. These English translations do not quite fully capture the full definition of the word in Filipino. In its very essence, kapwa means “shared self”; the self not as separate from the rest, but as an entity that is interconnected with others in service and generosity.

One of its conjugations, pakikipagkapwa, uses kapwa as an action– applying the virtue of the shared self.

Pakikipagkapwa is one of the values upheld by 100% Filipino company Pointwest as they extend help to less fortunate fellow Filipinos through their sponsorship for Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid (2KK) Foundation, a non-profit organization which champions the education and empowerment of the underprivileged youth.

Recently, a former 2KK scholar became a part of the Pointwest family not just through the company’s affiliation with 2KK, but by being a part of Pointwest itself. He is 2KK scholar and new Pointwester Jasper Olaybar.

Rise from the Tragedy

The formation of 2KK started in the aftermath of the Payatas Dumpsite Tragedy in year 2000, the disastrous collapse of a 50 ft. wall of garbage that took at least 260 lives. The children of Payatas witnessed firsthand horrors their eyes should have been too young to see, as the mountain of trash buried family members, their daily source of livelihood, and dreams of a brighter future.

How can they aspire to climb higher mountains in their lives, when the mountains they have known all their lives crashed before their very eyes?

When climbing becomes difficult, a helping hand is invaluable. This support came from high school students, who came to visit the kids of Payatas every weekend for tutoring, songs, prayer, games, and other activities.

The compassion of these students shone a glimmer of hope for these children. They were reminded that there are more mountains to climb. Not of garbage, but of opportunities.

On one session, when the students were about to go home, the children ran after them, and said: “We want to finish our studies someday. Can you help us make that dream come true?”

From then on, the students moved mountains to make that dream a reality. That was around 16 years ago, and now 2KK continues to support children’s education and empowerment with the help of corporate sponsors such as Pointwest.

Several of 2KK’s scholars have graduated from college, and this includes new Pointwester Jasper Olaybar, who succeeded in Pointwest’s stringent application process.

Jasper Olaybar
2KK scholar and new Pointwester Jasper Olaybar.

2KK Scholar Coming Home

The story of a 2KK scholar eventually ending up in Pointwest is of particular interest to one of the largest Fully-Filipino IT companies in the Philippines, whose concern for the 2KK scholars extends not only just to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility, but out of genuine malasakit and compassion for the future of the scholars.

Besides the regular contributions, Pointwest also supports other activities for the kids’ holistic development, such as trips to Enchanted Kingdom and Christmas Carolling.

Jasper’s first memories of Pointwest were actually from these events. In 2014, he joined 2KK’s trip to EK, for which Pointwest was one of the corporate sponsors. In 2016, 2KK graced Pointwest’s Christmas Party as Christmas carolers.

“Before meeting Pointwesters at the caroling, I thought they would be intimidating, but they were actually friendly and approachable”, Jasper said, echoing the warm and welcoming Pointwest culture.

Such a good impression of the company paved the way for Jasper to eventually apply to Pointwest. After giving back to his high school by serving as a Computer teacher, Jasper decided to spread his wings to other ventures. Jasper’s application and acceptance into the company is good news for Pointwest, which has always been in a sense a second home for 2KK. To have someone from 2KK is a coming home of some sort; a full circle. With its constant lookout for opportunities to reach out as well as for promising talents, Pointwest is honored to be part of Jasper’s journey.

2KK at EK
Pointwest supports various 2KK activities, such as trips to Enchanted Kingdom.

Digital Transformation And National Transformation

Pointwest promotes digital transformation in various industries such as Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Supply Chain and Third-party Logistics, Airlines and Transportation, and many others. But as said by Pointwest President and CEO Ma. Cristina “Beng” Coronel, “It’s not just the technology per se, but the greater good you bring in the country.” As a 100% Filipino IT company in the Philippines, Pointwest is fully aware that this transformation is not just for businesses, but for the entire nation.

Technology does not need to be impersonal and dehumanized. The principles we push with technology such as innovation, optimization, and transformation can be used to inspire and actively initiate endeavors for society’s welfare.

What we do for our kapwa has a way of changing lives, both theirs and our own. Pointwest gave a little help to 2KK scholars, and now, a 2KK scholar will be part of the force that will drive Pointwest and the country to greater heights.


Change lives one kid at a time. Donate, Partner, and/or Volunteer for Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid Foundation (2KK). Visit the 2KK official website or Facebook page. You may also reach them through their email at official@kapwakapatid.com and phone number at ​0917 897 4619.

About Pointwest

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