How Airlines Can Benefit from Properly Managed Data

Mike Togle
February 10, 2017

In a knowledge-sharing forum, Arnold Candelaria, Program Manager for Data Management and Analytics, discusses the importance of properly managed data and utilizing Analytics in various industries, particularly the Airline industry.

Arnold recounts a case of data migration with an airline company. They were moving from a mainframe-based system that handled details like reservation, ticketing, and passenger check-in.

Data Migration diagram

During such data migrations, some passenger data may be affected due to mismatch of system functionalities between the old and new systems, or incorrectly migrated information.

To manage potential issues, the airline company needed to know the passengers who were affected by the migration of information from the old system to the new.

Using Information to Manage Customer Experience

Information about passengers was placed in a data warehouse for storage as well as the organization of the data. The data warehouse was used to know which passengers were impacted by the migration, and who may have needed special assistance. It was also used to determine who needed to be directly contacted to handle specific needs during the migration.

Through the properly managed data, the airline was able to take the necessary, targeted actions to ensure the best service for their passengers despite the migration.

Using Data Analytics as Security from Modus Operandi

Arnold cites another example for an airline company that dealt with undocumented passengers. For some time, this airline noticed that it had passengers on a Manila-to-US flight who were not on the passenger manifest.

To find patterns, an investigation using Analytics showed that the incident started with the airline’s flights coming from Hong Kong, which made a stopover in Manila before making the trip to the United States. All the undocumented passengers were booked from a single travel agency in Hong Kong, with the flights booked a day before.

Security was alerted to the modus operandi to avoid further cases.

More and More Applications of Analytics

The cases above are just some of the practical applications of Analytics to make critical operational or strategic business decisions for airlines.

In the end, Arnold is of the opinion that what really matters is that those organizations that wish to tap into the power of Analytics should first have a clear idea of what they want. He feels that what will be asked of the data will determine the value you get from it.

“Much of what you get from Data Science and Data Management really stem from the requirements of the enterprise,” Arnold said.  

“A lot of focus needs to be done on defining those requirements, where you want to use the data, and what data you have in the organization.” Arnold Candelaria, Program Manager for Data Management and Analytics


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