Benefits of RPA: How a Robot Army Can Revolutionize Your Business

Kat Dacusin
May 17, 2019

RPA – can it stand for Robotic Powerful Army?

If you are unfamiliar with the technology (and happen to have a fun imagination), the mention of RPA brings up images of an army of robots marching towards you with clinks and clanks of metal, ready to follow your every command.

But, let’s manage some expectations here. These robots are actually not physical robots, but software robots. They toil away unseen inside computer systems. These software robots are, in a sense, an army that is trained to accomplish tasks and equip your company for the battlefield, which is the digital business world.


What Does RPA Actually Stand for?

Although Robotic Powerful Army sounds cool, RPA actually means Robotic Process Automation. RPA involves configuring software robots to accurately and reliably replicate the actions of human users as they accomplish business processes through digital systems. RPA is most suitable for tasks that are voluminous, repetitive, and rule-based, as these are the best candidates to convert into something programs can execute.

Is Your Company Ready to Win on the Business Battlefield?

Running a business can be like getting an army ready for battle. If you don’t prepare right or enough, competitors can knock you out of the battlefield anytime. For your business to survive, you need to have powerful weapons in your arsenal.

More and more businesses are harnessing the benefits of RPA as a competitive advantage.

The growth of the RPA market is predicted to skyrocket from only $250 million in 2016 to $1.7 billion in 2019 and $2.9 billion in 2021. This shows the ever-increasing need and interest in the benefits of RPA. In the Philippines, RPA is also gaining traction as well.

How was this growth fostered? What are the benefits of RPA that made it an attractive prospect for businesses?

Benefits of RPA: Software Robots Soldier on

Besides fulfilling your fantasies of being a (software) robot master, the benefits of RPA can make your business more powerful in many ways:

  • Keep up with Demands

Power through tasks and achieve up to 35.1% increase in task completion speed with RPA. Software robots perform tasks 24/7 without getting tired, unlike humans. Accomplish work unceasingly and at a much faster rate, as compared to businesses that are not implementing RPA. Due to on-time and consistent delivery of output, timeliness and customer trust is uncompromised.

  • Boost the Quality of Output

RPA improves accuracy by up to 85%. Avoid human error more easily, unlike in businesses that do not have RPA. In addition, software robots are programmed to strictly follow sets of rules, resulting in outputs which are consistent and highly compliant to standards.

  • Cut Back on Resources

Slash up to 35.3% of work hours through RPA. With software robots, spend less time and effort on repetitive, tedious, and voluminous tasks. Require fewer resources to accomplish the same or even a greater amount of work. Boost productivity more compared to companies that have no RPA systems.

Not All Robot Armies are Created Equal

So, are you ready to be a software robot master? Consider Robotic Process Automation as a viable solution for your business, whether you belong in Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Supply Chain and Third-party Logistics, Airlines and Transportation, and many other industries.

But keep in mind that not all software robot armies are created equal. Their quality still depends on how well they are programmed. Make sure to look for a trusted solutions provider with the expertise to back up their claims.

With its exceptional benefits, RPA might as well stand for Robotic Powerful Army.


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