Digital Innovation for the 21st Century Mom

Mike Togle
June 4, 2018

Being a mother can be rewarding but quite challenging. Most have to juggle cooking, laundry, groceries, managing bills, and taking care of the family, often at the same time. Whether they be a full-time homemaker or career woman, they certainly need all the help they can get. Below are some digital innovation tools that could help ease a mom’s life.

Digital Innovation for Washing Clothes

Mothers have the amazing ability to multitask. They can be seen cooking in the kitchen while simultaneously preparing the table, all the while waiting for the washing machine cycle to end. Digital innovation removes the need for mothers to move back and forth between the kitchen and laundry room.

There are smart washing machines and dryers that can be connected to smartphones. Mothers can now be notified via their smartphones as to which cycle the washing machine is on, and when the clothes are done drying, to save time on checking if the wash is done.

Even a then-eleven year old Meghan Markle knows that mothers–and women in general–do not simply belong in the kitchen. If they suddenly have to run an errand after loading the washer, they can control the washing machine anywhere, anytime, thanks to smart washers and dryers.

Some examples of these intelligent washing machines are Samsung F900, Samsung QuickDrive, Whirlpool 6th Sense Live Technology, and LG Smart ThinQ.

The answer to “Mom, where’s my <stuff>?”

With the numerous things mothers have to think about–work, family, errands, and the million other things on her to-do list–it’s probable for them to misplace or forget where they placed their phone, wallet, or keys.

flat-lay of items

Mothers can now easily locate their missing items within a certain range by using tags equipped with a small Bluetooth LE device that can be fastened or attached to gadgets, wallets, keys, or just about anything. Using their smartphones, moms can make these tags ring or light up when they are nearby, or view where they were last seen on a map, if the items are not within a certain range.

Now if it’s the phone that’s actually missing, a simple press of the button on the tag can make their gadget ring. Popular item trackers include Tile, TrackR, and Pixie.

Smart CCTV

Mothers love to be hands on and in the know, and that can mean keeping an eye on what happens at home and with their children even when they aren’t around. An extra pair of eyes helps them get that peace of mind while at work or when out for errands.

Nowadays, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, connected to and viewable through smartphones, are considered one of the next big must-have devices for moms. Smart CCTVs help busy moms view real-time footage of their home, and some even enable two-way communication with their loved ones, which can mean that precious moments during the day are captured and shared. In addition, enabling real-time alarms allows moms to be alerted of incidents at home through their smartphones. No doubt, CCTVs help mothers feel more at ease and relaxed when it comes to monitoring their children and home.

Some of the CCTV brands that have the features mentioned above include Qube, iVideon, AtHome Camera, and YI Home.


Every busy mom deserves something that perks up their day, or helps them get through the highs and lows motherhood. Video-sharing website Youtube is hands down a go-to platform that provides moms with a wide variety of videos, such as how-to tutorials for quick solutions, entertaining material for their me-time, and educational content for their kids.

“As a mom who stays alone in our house during daytime [since my grown-up children have to go to work], I could say that YouTube is indeed a great companion. Whenever I’m bored and have nothing else to do, I’d get my iPad and open the YouTube app; search for the videos of my favorite celebrities, watch some missed episodes of my favorite teleserye, or browse for latest news from YouTube’s news channels. It has also become part of my family’s bonding during weekends.” Mary, 66, housewife

YouTube plays a huge role in the ever-evolving life of modern moms. It has brought a significant impact to moms, making it part of their daily routine. No wonder, brands are taking advantage of this platform to become moms’ partners in the decision making, education, and development of their children.

Digital innovation for Cooking

Moms are known to wear multiple hats. On top of being a mother, and often a wife, many work or handle a business, balance the house bills, and manage the house. Because of these many roles, mothers may need help when it comes to planning, preparing, and cooking healthy and delicious family meals.

image to depict cooking using innovation

With Yummly, mothers can now easily find recipes to help them with this responsibility. They can browse and save meals to their digital recipe box, and then transfer these recipes’ ingredients to a shopping list for streamlined grocery shopping. These recipes include nutritional info, video tutorials, timers and meal preparation with scheduling features.

Yummly can also customize recipes based on the family’s diets, allergies, and flavor and taste preferences. If moms have a particular kind of  Whirlpool oven, they can even use their smartphones to set and change temperature, cooking time, and other settings.

Digital innovation for Groceries

After listing (or saving to Yummly) all the ingredients needed to prepare the meal, it’s time to head to the supermarket. When mothers are pressed for time and a grocery run sounds like yet another chore, they can now easily buy their household supplies online.

With digital innovation, just a tap on web and mobile apps that cater to online retail can allow moms to easily select items into their online cart. Payment can then be done online or through a cash on delivery option.

Online shopping means there’s no need queue in lines and waste travel time to go to the store. Some examples of online grocery delivery sites for fresh produce and goods include Honestbee, Metromart, Walter Mart, Instacart, AmazonFresh, and Walmart, while Lazada remains a popular choice for household items and durables.


One of the major concerns of mothers is to make sure that every member of the family is healthy. Whenever someone in the family gets sick, moms would definitely be the first one to worry and do something about it. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so ills and pains should be attended to immediately so they don’t get worse.

image to showcase easimed

With one of the Pointwest’s home-grown products, moms need not worry when it comes to finding healthcare facilities and professionals nearby. Access to healthcare providers is made easier and more efficient with Easimed. Moms can immediately locate the nearest HMO-accredited hospitals and doctors that can attend to their unwell loved ones.

Any feelings of discomfort within the family could be resolved immediately with just a tap of the Easimed app!

Digital innovation and modern motherhood

Technology highly affects how people, including moms, live their everyday lives nowadays. One benefit of being in the 21st century is that household chores and other errands can be made easier and faster to finish with the help of technology, even if the challenge remains for mothers to learn to openly and quickly adapt.

With more and more enterprises looking to digital innovation to transform their businesses and offer creative solutions for their consumers, people will eventually have several options to lessen the burden of day-to-day chores–especially mothers.

But no matter how much technology changes modern life or reshapes the daily routine of being a mother, one exceptional thing will remain constant: the unconditional love moms have for their children. A mother’s love is unique, special, and cannot be outdone by  anything digital.


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