Pointwest Java Developers: Modern-Day Java Men

Kat Dacusin
September 13, 2019

According to the textbook definition, the Java Man (Homo Erectus) is an early human fossil found in Java, Indonesia. The Java Man is said to be one of the proofs of human evolution. 

The Java Man has long been extinct– or so we thought. The recent decades have actually witnessed the rise of Java Man’s descendants: the Modern-Day Java Man.

The Modern-Day Java Men (or Women) are more skilled in some ways than ordinary modern humans. Not all humans have advanced problem-solving skills and logic. Not all can communicate in the Java Language. Not all can be an expert at squishing bugs. 

But the Modern-Day Java Men can do this and so much more. They are more commonly known through their professional name: Java Developers.

What’s it like to be a Modern-Day Java Man? To answer this, we interviewed Pointwest Solutions Architect Iking Feleo, and Software Engineer and Acting Capability Lead for UI Engineering and Blockchain JM Flores. 

In Their Natural Habitat


Java Men like Iking and JM are often found in their natural habitat in front of their PC with lines and lines of codes on their screen. And they wouldn’t prefer it any other way.

“Nothing gets you supercharged for the IT world other than getting your hands dirty as you work on lines of Java code!”, Iking, who has been with Pointwest for 11 years, enthused. “Getting to work and solving problems from simple to complex is exhilarating and addicting.”

Among these challenges are the design and development of applications spanning different methodologies and technologies. Besides having extensive experience in these, Iking has also been managing teams for 8 years and counting.

Iking said that being a Java developer is exciting because of Java itself. “It’s in the middle of new technologies coming out every day. The horizon is just very, very exciting.” Iking quipped. In Pointwest, one can be a Java Developer for different domains such as products and solutions development, ground-up and maintenance projects, product warranty and support implementation, and other fields.

Constant Evolution


For JM, one of the most exciting things about Java Development in Pointwest is the opportunity to go beyond his comfort zone. This helps him to constantly adapt. And this is supported by an environment that, as JM said, “places an emphasis on growth and individual development rather than position or seniority” and also provides equal opportunity to share ideas.

“From time to time, developers get their hands on new and upcoming technologies”, JM, who has been with Pointwest for 5 years and counting, revealed. “It’s not just Java – Blockchain, progressive web apps, and serverless apps are among the technologies our developers have explored recently.” Apart from Java, JM has been involved in the research and development of emerging technologies. He specializes in front-end development, blockchain, and Node.js.

Besides technologies, JM also shared that Java Developers can expand their knowledge of various business domains, especially in a company whose clientele includes a wide range of industries. He himself has worked on various projects for the commerce and financial industries.

The knowledge the developers gain is then applied to creating solutions that will benefit people. This remains true even for challenging projects, like when JM and his team had to develop a digital identity solution for the Japanese Market. 

“The project was far from the usual Java project – the solution was heavy on cryptography, which we all had to learn on the job”, he said. “I also had to serve as the system architect.” 

But the team persevered until they successfully delivered the solution. It provided a new business opportunity for the client and greater convenience for end-users, while the team got to sharpen their skills.

Helping Others Evolve


As the Modern-Day Java Men continuously evolve, they help with other people’s progress as well. Perhaps this is the very reason Java Developers are called such; because they are developers in various senses. More than the technological solutions, Java Developers get to develop themselves, their team, their clients’ businesses, the customers’ satisfaction, and way beyond that.

“When you lead a team of developers to work on a module, the app goes live into production, and the results and numbers start coming in– it’s like you’re changing the world”, Iking shared.

From “Hello World” to changing the world. This is how the Modern-Day Java Men have evolved, and will continue to help people grow in the years to come.


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