Pointwest Offers Digital Solutions to the Financial Sector

Mike Togle
March 29, 2017

With disruption becoming the new normal in this age, Pointwest offers banks its latest lineup of services and solutions aimed at addressing the needs of the financial sector in a rapidly-digitizing society.

The company aims to  provide banks with services keyed to emerging technologies in social media, mobile computing, data analytics and cloud computing, to design a better and more convenient banking experience for their customers. At the same time, the company will retain its Legacy fintech services as many financial institutions still maintain many of the older systems.

Capturing Customer Loyalty

Latest research from McKinsey reveals a startling insight: loyalty becomes more elusive when options, comparisons, and reviews are clicks away, so being part of a customer’s initial consideration set before a purchase is extremely important.

Pointwest has developed a mobile app promotions and deals platform that allow banks, credit card companies, and retailers to push targeted promotions to registered customers, be it offers directly from the bank or their partner merchants.

“These personalized recommendations boost the client brands to become more top of mind, so they have higher likelihood of being purchased.”Tech Abcejo-Aguila, Pointwest Division Head for Banking and Retail

Furthermore, keeping customers engaged and aware of new products and deals whether they are online, in-store or on their mobile phone is part of a seamless omni-channel experience.

Leveraging Location Intelligence

By correlating customer data with location-based intelligence, predictors of consumer behavior and buying patterns are revealed to enable more sound business decisions.    

Through Pointwest’s  location-based analytics solution, potential customers are grouped by demographics and lifestyle, then combined with the bank’s branch network, products, and promotions. This provides a foundation that enables the financial sector to make data-driven decisions for market expansion, such as new branch locations, together with focused product offers.

Pointwest’s Data Science Team is experienced with using unstructured data to obtain insights. During the 2016 Philippine National Elections, Pointwest’s Data Science Team developed a method of sentiment analysis on the candidates using Twitter posts. This is similar to the kind of sentiment analytics used to track perception among banking customers, and can thus be adopted for the financial sector.

Accelerating Delivery with Continuous Testing

One of the things Pointwest is starting to package along with its standard Test Automation Quality Management Service is an accelerator platform that supports continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). CI/CD more swiftly produces quality software that works, ensuring businesses are on top of consumer needs and trends.

With more organizations making the shift left in their development process, having an accelerator platform can make a much smoother transition. Doing automated testing earlier in the project management lifecycle helps secure against new software that may harm existing business applications and services. This ultimately reduces system downtime.

“Organizations are all onboard with the agile concept to speed-up delivery but the quality aspect is lagging behind.  Traditionally, testing is done after the development, which has to change to embrace the culture of continuous integration, and that means test early, test often, test faster, and automate. Test automation with continuous integration enables continuous delivery.”Arlene Canlas, Pointwest Head of Software Quality Engineering Center of Excellence

Given that continuous delivery means code is stringently tested automatically, but actual deployment is still pre-defined by manual triggers, banks and other highly-regulated financial institutions can have confidence an application goes live only when business is ready.

With these digital solutions, Pointwest is ready to assist firms in the financial sector to make the most from the latest  developments in financial technology, even as the company  continues to support their Legacy systems.


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