Why the Demand for .NET Continues to Grow

Mike Togle
January 24, 2018

It is challenging for an IT professional to come up with solutions for different sets of problems if you have to learn every single programming language available. It also limits your opportunities to get exposed to various projects, thus, limiting your job opportunities. Versatility is an important factor when you are investing in learning a language, and this is where Microsoft .Net shines. You can work on desktop applications, web applications, and even mobile apps with the help of Xamarin.

Microsoft began the development of  .NET in the late 1990s; starting out as a proprietary software under the license of Microsoft. Today, .NET is considered as one of the most widely used open source developer frameworks.

With that, the demand for .NET continues to grow as the digital transformation journey of many corporations and organizations continue. The strength of .NET’s C# is renowned for its “application flexibility” and VB.NET for its predominantly “new developer base.” It can be defined as an easy to learn and versatile language/framework, with key development tools available to use. Visual Studio has always been regarded as one of the best IDEs available for developers. It even offers a free,  full featured community edition.

According to the TIOBE programming index, C# is already one of the top 5 programming languages, while VB.NET is coming in at top 6 to top 7, at the same rank of Javascript (December 2017 report). With the continuous popularity of .NET and its forefront languages, the future for these technology experts looks positive.

Pointwest, a 100% Filipino-owned IT company, can open doors for these .NET experts in varying projects for industries like Banking, Retail, Transportation, Logistics, Utilities, Media, Healthcare, and Public Sector. They can work on a big network of projects: web, desktop, and mobile applications.  Career growth in this field is highly dependent on the experience that talented individuals can gain, and, for that to happen, they need opportunities to be exposed to more projects in various industries, systems, and platforms.

With its versatility, .NET presents a big opportunity for IT professionals. Whether their interest is on hands-on coding, leading a team, software architecture or project management. Pointwest can provide such opportunities to grow and find their place in a team of highly trained professionals.



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