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Entrepreneurship – Can It Be Taught to Operational Managers?

Rene Quizon: “Marrying Entrepreneurship with Design, and combining it with what we are good at today, Engineering” is a product of my thoughts on how to bring the organization to the next level and prepare it for what some are calling the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

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Three Basic Guidelines To Effectively Create An Accessible Website

Making the websites more engaging and elevating web experiences are among a designer or a developer’s goals. Moreover, assuring that all users including people with disabilities have equal access to information and functionality should be one of those goals.

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Is Your Organization Ready for Data Analytics?

The senior members of Pointwest’s Analytics Team will take a closer look at the state of Data in organizations in the country, and provide insights to help you determine if your organization is indeed ready for data analytics.

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Pointwest Participates in Big Data Analytics Conference 2016

Pointwest leverages its experience in Data Science and Analytics with its participation in the Big Data Analytics Conference 2016 on Tuesday, 15 Nov. 2016 at the Tent at Enderun Colleges, McKinley Hill, Bonifacio Global City.

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Analytics and Automation, Pointwest Leaders at Softcon 2016

Pointwest goes full-on with its support to 2016’s Philippine Software Industry Conference, or Softcon, with two speakers, a sponsor’s booth, and the official mobile app for the event on Wednesday, 19 October 2016, at the Marriott Grand Ballroom.

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Pointwest, with AWS, Implemented EDC’s Machine Learning Modernization Framework

Energy Development Corporation (EDC) is a generation company that has been pioneering sustainability with clean, renewable, reliable, and affordable energy through geothermal sources.

As an early adopter of Cloud technology, it aims to use digital technologies such as Cloud and Machine Learning (ML) best practices to ensure easy use of ML models. One use case is to predict the level of productivity of a geothermal well design which will serve as an input to the approval of its construction.

Pointwest, in partnership with AWS, implemented their ML modernization framework to quickly bring these on-premise models to the Cloud using AWS SageMaker. 

In addition, Pointwest developed automation pipelines for re-training the ML models, evaluating the performance of these models, and automatically deploying these models to production.

These were the immediate results of these initiatives; 

  • Improved ease of use of the predictive models without any need for programming knowledge
  • Faster turnaround time for newly drilled wells 
  • Improved accuracy of the model predictions


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Contact: +632 8814 1100 (Trunkline) or +1 (888) 210-9078 (US Toll-Free)


Skriba: How Using Artificial Intelligence Can Help Perform Everyday Tasks

The rush to adapt to the Next Normal was one of the biggest challenges that confronted the business world as early as the initial outbreak of the Covid19 global pandemic. The Black Swan ushered a new age of innovation as it forced companies to pivot how to get their work done.   Skriba, the smart […]

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Pointwest Creates a Fully-Digital Self-Service Member Enrollment Tool for Maxicare

Read how Pointwest helped modernize Maxicare’s online services with a fully digital, self-enrollment system.

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A Pointwester in the US: A Pointwester’s Roots

Most uprooted trees don’t survive.

When a tree is uprooted, its roots often break. Some think uprooted trees can simply be replanted, but that’s not the case. When the roots break, the tree finds it difficult to absorb nutrients and water from the soil. Also, as the roots anchor the weight of the tree’s trunk and branches, a tree with broken roots may not be able to stand upright. And if the tree’s replanted in a new place, it’s not certain whether it can adapt to its new environment. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Modernize Your Systems

In today’s fast-evolving technological landscape, staying relevant and offering impeccable services to customers demands that businesses keep pace with innovation. Adapting to change not only mitigates the risk of becoming obsolete but also positions a company for success in a dynamic market. The imperative to modernize arises from the pressing need to align legacy systems […]

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How the Pointwest UX Team Curates User Experience: The Pointwest UX Design Process

Want to learn more about the Pointwest UX Design Process? Click here!

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