At Pointwest, we seek innovative ways to help you engineer and deliver innovation to your Salesforce investment. With Salesforce innovation, we guide and help our customers maximize their CRM tool to deliver greater value. We deliver results backed by decades worth of advanced software engineering and QA expertise for top corporations worldwide.

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At Pointwest, we seek innovative ways to help you engineer and enhance your Saleforce systems. We guide and help our customers in maximizing their investments through our decades of software engineering & QA expertise.

Development & Analytics

Our Salesforce developers, UX, data engineers and scientists help maximize your Salesforce investment through Salesforce innovation and better data insights.
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Third-Party Integration

We help companies handle simple to complex integration scenarios; from chatbots to 3rd party ERP systems.

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Salesforce Test Automation

Backed by decades-worth of testing expertise, we help accelerate and improve QA for Salesforce innovation projects and deliver quality innovation to production.

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Success Stories

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Development of a Customer Journey Dashboard for a Taiwan Commercial Bank

Pointwest created a unified CRM tool for one of the largest commercial banks in Taiwan that consolidates and centralizes customer service data coming from different data sources and systems. The dashboard is designed to be easy-to-use and the related information is easily accessible to their agents, which aims to provide customer-specific services efficiently.

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Data Visualization of Migrants for an International Intergovernmental Organization

In order to better serve migrants, Pointwest helped an international intergovernmental organization, which promotes the humane and orderly handling of migration, in generating accurate and concise migrant condition data visualizations.

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Accurate and Improved Visualizations in Reports for Philippine Pharmaceutical Company

Pointwest helped a large Philippine pharmaceutical company in generating accurate operational reports with improved visualizations for their chain of hospitals. With the availability of data on their hospital operations, the client needed assistance to better visualize the information they already have.

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Integrating Ethereum Blockchain and Web Applications for a Philippine Commercial Bank

Pointwest offered a solution that integrates a decentralized application on a private Ethereum blockchain with a web application that is deployed on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. This combination of blockchain and web technologies removes the complexity of interfacing with the decentralized application through a Web API while still providing the same security benefits one can expect from a blockchain-based solution.

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