Accurate and Improved Visualizations in Reports for Philippine Pharmaceutical Company

Mahrife Panopio
September 26, 2018

Pointwest helped a large Philippine pharmaceutical company in generating accurate operational reports with improved visualizations for their chain of hospitals. With the availability of data on their hospital operations, the client needed assistance to better visualize the information they already have.

With Poinwest’s expertise in data visualization, the client was able to view insights based on their data in a manner that gave them a better view of the status of their operations. Pointwest used an iterative approach to delivering the project and Microsoft Power BI as the technology base.

Upon implementation of the project, the client improves the visualization of hospital operational  performance and continues to increase the efficiency. This results to reduction of operational costs and increase in revenue. Furthermore, since the reports include feedback from the customers, the client can monitor and determine if they are meeting the service level agreements (SLAs). Through the improved data visualization of hospital operational performance, the client can easily assess service improvements to be made in order to address concerns, feedback, and suggestions from customers.

The resource who worked on this project realized the importance of involving the main stakeholders from the beginning of the project. It is important for the stakeholders to understand the design of the solution especially if they will be the end-users of what has been developed from the project.