Application Development for Travel Agencies: Convenient and Streamlined Visa Application Process through Application Development

Kat Dacusin
May 22, 2019

Application Development for travel agencies makes convenient travel-related transactions a reality through web and mobile solutions. Transactions such as visa applications are made easier for both staff and applicants. Visa application processes can sometimes become tedious, especially with the number of documents and steps that need to be accomplished. Web and mobile applications that cater to every step of the application process can facilitate convenient and organized visa applications.

In this light, a Philippine technology company asked Pointwest to provide services for their client, which is a large travel agency. The client trusted Pointwest to create applications for streamlining the visa application process.


The basic identifiers of the project are as follows:

  • Industry: Travel
  • Application Type: Mobile Application, Web Application
  • Service Type: Application Development, UI/UX
  • Date: October 1, 2018 to February 1, 2019

The Problem: How to Streamline the Tedious Visa Application Process?

Customers have two options for submitting tourist visa applications. First is the walk-in application at the travel agency, where applicants come in person to submit requirements. Second is online, where customers need to scan and email all necessary documents, call the travel agency to confirm receipt, pay for the assessment fee, have their application assessed, and either drop-off the documents in any of the travel agency’s branches or send them via courier. For updates, the customer can either call or email the travel agency.

Instead of the online application system described above, the travel agency wanted an all-in-one streamlined online visa application system that includes information management, payment, application, document assessment, and status updating processes.

Application Development for Travel Agencies - Application Form Sample

Application Development for Travel Agencies – The Solution

Pointwest created applications for both the applicants and staff. The details of these applications are outlined below:

Consumer Application (For Visa Applicants)

  • Account Management
  • Payment Management
  • Application Management
  • Status Notification

Internal Application (For Staff)

  • Account Management
  • Application Management
  • Payment Verification
  • Document Assessment
  • Application Forwarding
  • Fees Management

Outsystems was used to create the application. The team also had to integrate the application with the client’s existing management system and a payment gateway using APIs.

The Benefit: Effective Remote Visa Application

Application Development for travel agencies can offer plenty of benefits for operations. In this project, since all the steps in the visa application process are streamlined through the applications, the client now has a more organized and efficient process in handling online visa applications. The client can also extend market reach, since the customers can apply from any location. With the introduction of the mobile and web applications, the client expects to increase their current market share from 35% to 50%.

For the customers, the main benefit is having a more convenient way to apply for a tourist visa. This is possible through the accessible, intuitive, and easy-to-use portals. The customers can even receive updates on their visa application status faster than before. Moreover, customers don’t have to worry about security and data privacy, as the system is fully compliant with laws and coding practices for these.

The Challenges and Learnings

One of the main was the fact that the project duration was short. Time was optimized to ensure that the deliverables are submitted on schedule. The fact that it was the first time for some members to work together complicates the dynamic, so adjusting to each other’s working styles was also necessary. The team’s high degree of professionalism and efficiency allowed them to surmount these issues.

To properly inform everyone of requirements, changes, issues, and updates, clear communications between the team and the client was established. This helped ensure that everyone is on the same page, and that the requirements match the results.

With these learnings, Pointwest is equipped more than ever to take on the challenges that come with delivering solutions for businesses.


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