Application Modernization for Finance: New and Improved: Application Modernization for Financial Services

Kat Dacusin
July 31, 2019


In the Philippines, application modernization is among the technological solutions businesses consider. This is because companies don’t want to miss out on the benefits application modernization can bring. They also don’t want to get left behind their competitors.

Is your app up-to-date with industry standards? Here are some the signs you need to modernize your app:

  • The app is always down, unresponsive, or slow;
  • Inability to scale;
  • Maintenance costs are too high;
  • Cannot add new features easily or at all;
  • Incompatible with new technologies.

Read how a financial services company modernized its application with the help of Pointwest.

The Problem

The business landscape is ever-changing and competitors are a constant threat.

To stay ahead, the client wanted to revamp their existing application.

Companies modernize their apps to reduce cost, boost efficiency, enhance customer experience, and ensure compliance to regulations.

The Solution? Application Modernization.

The development team provided UX workshops so customers can review the current app.

They then designed, built, and tested the front-end and middle layer of the application using modern technology standards.

The Benefits

The app has extensive benefits for the client.

  • Customer attraction and retention
  • Lower operational cost 
  • Improvement of services through analytics

The app also has huge benefits for the client’s customers.

  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Better security for personal information
  • Quicker status updates


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