Ensuring Mobile Cybersecurity for a Philippine Multinational Corporation

Mahrife Panopio
August 15, 2018

A large Philippine multinational corporation’s subsidiary that handles digital transformation wants to secure  information that is being made available to their mobile workforce. The client also wanted to safeguard the information from unauthorized access and adopt cybersecurity best practices.

With its Cybersecurity expertise, Pointwest developed the framework that secures the client’s mobile application process. Through a flow chart, the team determined corresponding tests to be executed for a particular security risk level during mobile application development.

In line with this, Pointwest’s cybersecurity team introduced the Mobile Application Security Validation Standard (MASVS) to the client. This is used to measure the application’s compliance to best practices in security and secure software development. The resources presented scorecards containing all MASVS levels and measures against those criteria. The method made it easier to objectively determine as well as certify the level of the application’s security after following such a standard.

After project implementation, the client launched the application on time and there were no reported major issues throughout the launch. In addition, the client’s mobile workforce had secure information to utilize; safe against unauthorized access. Furthermore, and as part of growing their culture of security, the resources ensured that the confidential information stored on a mobile phone will be deleted after usage.