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Industry Sector Coverage

Pointwest’s services extend well into the value chains of major industries, driving an organization’s long-term growth and transformation. Our IT and Business Process solutions modernize operations and increase their efficiency, reduce costs, maximize productivity, and enable innovation.


Scale operations, reassess services and shift from general to personalized, and increase customer satisfaction. Our IT solutions for travel and logistics enable organizations to navigate a globalized world.


With IT solutions built to perform, service delivery across the utilities value chain becomes lean, efficient, and customer-centric, paving the way for an organization's growth and reinvention.


Consumer behavior is the foundation of our retail solutions. We study the market, identify its needs, and build solutions to meet those needs, whether it's improving cross-border transactions or enabling access to an emerging digital platform.


Integration and enhancement. Our IT-enabled solutions for banking and insurance integrate the new and enhance the old to increase operational efficiency. With this approach, services improve significantly, strengthening customer relationships.


Our healthcare solutions are driven by one goal: improve the quality of healthcare being delivered. Through business process augmentation, we collaborate with client organizations and optimize workflow execution to achieve service delivery excellence.

Distribution + Logistics

When you’re in the business of moving things, your customers trust that you can get their stuff in time, safe and sound. Whether it’s for efficient inventory systems or fleet monitoring mobile apps, you can rely on our solutions to gain and sustain your customers’ loyalty.

Media + Entertainment

Among industries today, few are as affected by rapid changes in technology as media and entertainment. Only top technology tools can serve top media organizations to stay number 1 in the ratings game. Find out how we affect the way you receive information and enjoy entertainment without you knowing it.


Digital Age governance means governments can meet citizens where they are — online. Private organizations are not the only ones who stand to benefit from the latest in technology. Government offices can tap Cloud-based project management tools or mobile applications for more efficient public service.

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Case Studies

The world's biggest names trust Pointwest to back them up.

Our track record tells our story. Since 2003, we have been helping some of the biggest companies in the world to reinforce efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize productivity through the latest technologies and best practices.

To say that the results of the 2016 US Presidential Elections elicited a strong reaction from a large number of people is the understatement of the year, if not the decade. Euphoric supporters from the Trump campaign reveled at their surprise victory while silent shock could be seen in their counterparts at the Clinton HQ.

A leading airline carrier from the United States of America* needed help in making sure that their passenger-facing channels abide by Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) Accessibility Amendment.

Passengers who regularly travel recognize the struggles of airline companies in providing consistent and positive customer experience. To understand what passengers say about their services, airline companies have been trying to engage with passengers through social media.

For part 2 of the concluding study on the social media data analysis on the Philippine Presidential Debates, we considered comparing the emojis to be a crucial part in understanding the reactions and behavior of people during the event.

The electoral results piqued the interest of the Data Science team to make an analysis whether the debates helped the candidates’ campaigns.