In the not so distant past, every organization assumed that success depended on having the highest quality product, the best value for money, or the best customer service. These days, we see businesses, even (and especially) the most established ones, being disrupted by technologies and services introduced to the market by startups.

The reason? Startups provide not only the best product, the best value for money, and the best customer service but many, particularly the most successful ones, also provide the best customer experience.

Through its Experience Design offering, Pointwest Digital will help you consider all stages and touchpoints of the customer journey and treat them as opportunities to provide this value to your customers so they come to value you, too.

Design your business
for success


Success is not about chance. It can be part of your design.

Pointwest’s Experience Design team combines globally-recognized design methodologies with the Filipino artists’ innovative creativity to create effective and aesthetically cutting-edge designs that are geared towards “balancing your act.”


Through deep qualitative research, we uncover your customers’ behaviors and motivations. We use these insights to design creative solutions that inspire loyalty and achieve ambitious business goals. Our approach is collaborative, and our recommendations are actionable.

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Through thorough analysis and understanding of the business objectives and the uncovered user behaviors and motivations, we can start solving the defined problems.


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Through understanding the business itself, we get your UX strategy just right. You must deliver on the overall business strategy to succeed. You cannot be a “user champion” without being a “corporate champion” too.

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Through our learning roadmap, we enable UX practitioners with the passion of creating desirable, viable, and feasible products and services.

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We utilize the best tools to deliver our services.

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Skriba: How Using Artificial Intelligence Can Help Perform Everyday Tasks

The rush to adapt to the Next Normal was one of the biggest challenges that confronted the business world as early as the initial outbreak of the Covid19 global pandemic. The Black Swan ushered a new age of innovation as it forced companies to pivot how to get their work done.   Skriba, the smart […]

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Pointwest Creates a Fully-Digital Self-Service Member Enrollment Tool for Maxicare

Read how Pointwest helped modernize Maxicare’s online services with a fully digital, self-enrollment system.

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