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The standard tools of Business Intelligence are enough for most cases. But when circumstances require a deeper understanding of and insights from your data, the tools and techniques of Advanced Analytics come into play.

We offer high level analytic options which could help you compete effectively among industries which may already have robust analytic environment. Through data mining, machine learning and statistical modeling algorithms, we forecast trends and identify the likelihood of outcomes that could have a significant influence on the performance of your business. To determine best decisions for your business, Prescriptive Modeling helps us quantify the effect of future actions before a decision is actually made. Your curated and analyzed data that provides an abundance of insights is optimized by using those insights, given your key objectives and business constraints, to recommend the best decision that can support your strategic planning and drive effective change in your company.

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Performance Testing for Brokerage Firms: Quality Beyond Compliance: Performance Testing for a Brokerage Firm

Pointwest helped a brokerage firm comply to standards of a critical regulating body through performance testing for their app.

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Application Modernization for Finance: New and Improved: Application Modernization for Financial Services

Read how Pointwest helped a Philippine financial services company revamp their application through application modernization.

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Test Automation for Banks: Simple and Efficient Testing: Pilot Test Automation for a Major Philippine Bank

Test automation for banks ensures the quality of core systems. Pointwest automated the tests of the client, one of the major banks in the Philippines.

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Application Development for Travel Agencies: Convenient and Streamlined Visa Application Process through Application Development

Through Application Development for travel agencies, Pointwest makes travel-related transactions through web and mobile solutions a reality.

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