As we come in the digital age, data has emerged to be one of the most important assets in business. With our capability in dealing with data, we are here to help you unlock hidden trends and patterns, and provide your organization new and deeper intelligence that will optimize your operations and maximize your potential.

Discover high-impact insights
through a revolutionized
data analysis


Decisions based on solid numbers,
not merely guesswork.

Data Science gives you an in-depth exploration and analysis of your data. We discover these hidden patterns that accord you a deeper understanding of your business, giving you the confidence to make bold business decisions based on solid numbers, not merely guesswork.


The reason for doing data science is to have the proper insight for the best informed decisions. And the best way to ensure you get the right kind of insight from your data is to have the right kind of applications, infrastructure and tools to glean this information.



Outliers, patterns and trends that would remain undetected in the rows and columns of data can be revealed with the help of data visualization. Be it through compelling static charts or business intelligence dashboards, we make insights come alive to derive the value that you need.



The standard tools of Business Intelligence are enough for most cases. But when circumstances require a deeper understanding of and insights from your data, the tools and techniques of Advanced Analytics come into play.


The best is delivered only with the right partners.

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Success Stories

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across different industries.

Application Development for Travel Agencies: Convenient and Streamlined Visa Application Process through Application Development

Through Application Development for travel agencies, Pointwest makes travel-related transactions through web and mobile solutions a reality.

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Development of a Customer Journey Dashboard for a Taiwan Commercial Bank

Pointwest created a unified CRM tool for one of the largest commercial banks in Taiwan that consolidates and centralizes customer service data coming from different data sources and systems. The dashboard is designed to be easy-to-use and the related information is easily accessible to their agents, which aims to provide customer-specific services efficiently.

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