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With the fast pace of change today, you need a partner who can help you make the most of the latest tools and technologies. Pointwest provides IT and BPM services tailor-fit to the needs of businesses and organizations operating in today’s highly-digital environment.


Pointwest adheres closely to the CMMI framework for Services v1.3 (Maturity Level 3) in order to ensure a clear and transparent progression to accomplishing a project’s objectives and ensure utmost client satisfaction.

The entire process can be viewed as a cycle from the development within the service lines to continuous reviews and audits post-completion. Throughout, Pointwest’s project leads and business analysts constantly communicate with clients to ensure that key objectives are being met. This allows for a rapid implementation of improvements and changes.

Service Model

To give you the best possible solutions, Pointwest works closely with you every step of the way, making sure to find the best method for achieving the goals of a project.

We begin by asking the service requirements. From here, Pointwest will map out different strategies to address the needs of the project. After a strategy is chosen, Pointwest will then work with you to establish the frameworks for how the project will be governed.

To deal with the shape of things to come, you need a partner that knows how you can fit with them.

Service Lines

Pointwest’s services are the result of accurate business intelligence, in-depth industry experience, innovative technologies, and international standard methodology. Through our services, our clients are able to adapt to a volatile globalized market, transform businesses, and drive growth.

Business Process Management

Pointwest’s solid experience in business process services has made us the partner of choice in the industry’s fastest-growing vertical: Healthcare. Our approach goes beyond process streamlining and standardization; we raise them to the level of our IT capabilities marked by service excellence and innovation.

Independent Software Testing

Quality IT products are known for how much quality assurance was given to it. With our international-standards processes, Pointwest will help make sure that all the breaking bugs in your software are gone in time for your launch date.

Application Management Services

Software products don’t stop being your responsibility the day it goes live. Pointwest provides you with the means to manage your applications throughout its cycle, whether it involves dealing with unforeseen bugs, handling customer feedback and concerns, or simply ensuring a new build patches smoothly.

Application Development Services

Pointwest has made the backbone applications of leading companies in many industries and systems for government institutions. If there is an application you need, Pointwest can make it. Pointwest tailors applications to suit the needs of the client, so you can be sure that it meets your needs.