Pointwest Services and Solutions

empowers your businesses with the latest in digital technology and more than a decade of experience in service excellence and innovation. Enhance the experience of your customers, make your products and services more accessible, gather and utilize actionable insights from your data, and optimize your operations with intelligent automation.

Empower your business
with digital technology.
Be connected, data-driven,
accessible, and automation-enabled.

Digital Service

Discover the potential in Digital Technology
for your business.

Modernized IT Services

Elevate your Systems
Through Modernization.

Application Development

Deliver features for your end users seamlessly across different channels. Have us develop your systems and solutions for mobile, tablets, kiosks, desktops, and on the web.

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We immerse ourselves in the understanding of the business of the systems that you use for your business. Be assured of continuity and delivery of your application with our management and support services.

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Automated Software Testing

Leveraging decades of experience in delivering software testing services of various shapes and sizes, we assure the quality of the systems that you deliver to your end customers. We offer both flavors — manual testing and automated software testing for your business.

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Business Process Management Services

Our High-Skilled and Specialized Talent
Can Deliver Quality, Secure Business Process Results

Business Process Management

Pointwest combine high-skill healthcare staff expertise with the latest technologies and an innovation mindset to provide top-notch BPM solutions for our customers. Coupled with over a decade of experience, it has made us a partner of choice in Healthcare Information Management.

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Pharmacy Benefit Management

We are at the forefront of assisting the biggest PBM companies. Pointwest’s extensive experience and deep domain knowledge offers top-class services to your customers with speed, accuracy, and information security as primary requirements.

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Clinical Research Outsourcing

Reliability and innovation are at the core of our Clinical Research services. We follow global standards in all our processes, make our solutions fit your needs, and remain diligent in our pursuit of helping you fulfill your objectives.

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