Life at Pointwest is about
building things that make a
significant impact in the lives
of other people.

Why Work Here?

While Pointwest makes its global client’s success its heartfelt mission, the digital innovation company has embodied pertinent traits and values that makes it a Filipino company. The values of compassion and empathy run across the organization; always caring for the success of its people and its clients.

In Pointwest, we firmly believe that the key to its success and the triumph of its clients are the people who utilize their skills to provide the best services. In the industry, we have been known to offer the best training — not only in classrooms but also with the experience and exposure to various projects, technologies, and verticals.

Life at Pointwest

It’s about building the future,
one line of code at a time.

The Not-so-basic Basics

A competitive remuneration package: industry-standard salary, health insurance, flexible benefits, learning & development opportunities, and performance-based incentives.


Excellence and Growth

It may sound corny, but we want you to be the best you can be. That’s why we keep challenging you to push boundaries. Our Learning & Development team holds Boot Camp training, Brown Bag and Special Interest Learning Sessions, and other coaching programs designed to enhance your skills and help build your career.

A Great Community, A Ready Family

The Pointwest environment enables collaboration and creative thought. It’s a normal office scene to huddle, brainstorm, and strategize. Here, you’ll find like-minded people, those who want to learn more and achieve more.


Fun and Wellness

We make sure we have enough playtime to get the creative juices going. Summer outings, movie nights, game weeks, sports fests, soirees — these events are more than fun; they give us the chance to bond and get to know each other better.



When your hard work and ingenuity are rewarded, it feels great. But you know what feels even better? Being part of something big, something meaningful. When you join Pointwest, you join a company that is 100% Filipino and committed to making the Filipino professional globally recognized.

Job Opportunities

IT and BPM done the Pointwest way!
Are you ready to Lead, Excel and Innovate?

For Local Career Openings

Whether you are that new kid venturing into the competitive world of Information Technology, or you’re a seasoned software engineer with various capabilities, you may have a home with us to grow and prosper. Take on the demands of various industries with us and gain exposure and experience from global markets.

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For Overseas Career Opportunities

Work here in Pointwest not only happens in the local market. Being a global company, we also need to have talented people work wherever our clients are. Doing so makes us able to communicate effectively and collaborate well with our clients while also providing opportunities to people all over the world.

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Grow in Theory and in Practice

Experience using the technologies you learn in training rooms and make use of your soft skills while working in project teams to deliver our various digital and modernized IT and BPM services.

Have mentors to inquire from and reference your ideas with when you want to discuss about the latest advancements or whenever you run into challenges in your tasks.

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