It is the reality of the digital age that cybersecurity threats are both increasing in frequency and efficacy. What determines if you are vulnerable to these threats or not lies not just in how you react to them but also in your preparations.

Pointwest’s cybersecurity services offer a proactive approach in dealing with digital threats. Aside from giving you the tools and expert advice you need, we develop a culture of security within your organization. Coupled with our deep domain expertise in a bevy of industries plus decades of core competence in software engineering to greatly reduce your exposure to the dangers of today’s digital business landscape.

When it comes to digital security,
prevention is much, much better
than getting a cure.


Security of Information is as Critical
as Security of Transactions.

Secure Software

We help secure your software through our preventive approach to cybersecurity, leveraging our decades of core competence in software engineering to pinpoint key vulnerabilities in your code. Our processes are adapted for Waterfall and Agile development methodologies, and we employ cutting-edge solutions like automation to reduce impacts in terms of cost and time.

  • A service desk that provides Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), Static Application Security Testing (SAST), and Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT).
  • Use of OWASP Application Security Validation Standard (ASVS) and Mobile Application Validation Standard (MASVS) to measure compliance

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Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Our vulnerability management service helps you identify the devices on your network and their functions, and then assess the vulnerabilities they are subject to. We then work with you to implement a plan of action to keep your network secure.

  • Vulnerability Scanning Service for client networks
  • Automated / On-demand Scanning
  • Automated/Scheduled Report Generation and Delivery
  • Use of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) for marking findings

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Our experts are ready to lend you their unique expertise and proactive approach to cybersecurity to help secure your business or organization from any and all digital threats.

  • Design secure solutions
  • Risk assessment
  • Cybersecurity training
  • Management of security devices
  • Website and network monitoring

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Success Stories

Check out how we have helped
our clients succeed.

Application Development for Travel Agencies: Convenient and Streamlined Visa Application Process through Application Development

Through Application Development for travel agencies, Pointwest makes travel-related transactions through web and mobile solutions a reality.

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Development of a Customer Journey Dashboard for a Taiwan Commercial Bank

Pointwest created a unified CRM tool for one of the largest commercial banks in Taiwan that consolidates and centralizes customer service data coming from different data sources and systems. The dashboard is designed to be easy-to-use and the related information is easily accessible to their agents, which aims to provide customer-specific services efficiently.

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Data Visualization of Migrants for an International Intergovernmental Organization

In order to better serve migrants, Pointwest helped an international intergovernmental organization, which promotes the humane and orderly handling of migration, in generating accurate and concise migrant condition data visualizations.

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Accurate and Improved Visualizations in Reports for Philippine Pharmaceutical Company

Pointwest helped a large Philippine pharmaceutical company in generating accurate operational reports with improved visualizations for their chain of hospitals. With the availability of data on their hospital operations, the client needed assistance to better visualize the information they already have.

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