Effectively Manage Your Automation

Automation can be complex. It requires software to run by itself with minimal human intervention to do jobs a human does. Making it work often requires a high level of technical expertise. Pointwest recognizes the importance of sustaining seamless functionalities of RPA in your business. With this, our RPA engineers are fully equipped to maintain and support your developed RPA solutions to ensure that your implementation is still on par with the identified business requirements and processes.


Utilize a Reliable and Precise
Digital Workforce

RPA systems are complex information ecologies that require a high level of precision and reliability to do its intended tasks well. This means that having a digital workforce does not end in design and implementation, but continues in the need to constantly ensure that it is capable of doing the job.

Robotic Workforce

RPA is an ever-evolving field. We keep your digital workforce relevant by identifying improvement areas within your systems.

Collaborative process

We work closely with you in order to do effective process management. We do this with client Process Analysts, including process improvement methodologies.


For clients wishing to go fully-automated to boost efficiency and cost savings, Pointwest offers assistance in migrating systems from assisted automation to unassisted automation.


To give you the fullest range of options and make sure you get the best out of your digital workforce, our RPA developers are knowledgeable in different RPA and RDA platforms.

Pointwest is ready to provide you our expertise in helping maintain your RPA implementations. We make sure that your digital workforce is performing at the levels you want and need. And we don’t just stop at simple maintenance and support; we also look for ways to improve your RPA implementations, ensuring your business gets the most out of this technology.

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Performance Testing for Brokerage Firms: Quality Beyond Compliance: Performance Testing for a Brokerage Firm

Pointwest helped a brokerage firm comply to standards of a critical regulating body through performance testing for their app.

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Application Modernization for Finance: New and Improved: Application Modernization for Financial Services

Read how Pointwest helped a Philippine financial services company revamp their application through application modernization.

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Test Automation for Banks: Simple and Efficient Testing: Pilot Test Automation for a Major Philippine Bank

Test automation for banks ensures the quality of core systems. Pointwest automated the tests of the client, one of the major banks in the Philippines.

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Application Development for Travel Agencies: Convenient and Streamlined Visa Application Process through Application Development

Through Application Development for travel agencies, Pointwest makes travel-related transactions through web and mobile solutions a reality.

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