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As word of the benefits of RPA spreads among various industries, more and more organizations wish to take advantage of it. But many companies might not have the necessary information to confidently make decisions about how to use this emerging technology. We understand your need to have a comprehensive understanding on RPA and its benefits. Our engineers can analyze the existing processes of your business and propose ways on how to incorporate robotic implementation to your operations.


About RPA and Process Consultation

Whenever a new technology disrupts the established business models, organizations rush to access these new developments for fear of being left behind. But when improperly handled, such attempts could lead to more problems.

By understanding the right levels of adoption for your processes, Pointwest’s approach reduces risks to your business from RPA implementation. Our assessment allows for an improvement of these processes and makes them ready to be taken on by a digital workforce. We also help find the third-party technology platform that fits your automation needs.

Evaluating client

In order to help you decide best how to build your digital workforce, we provide you a comprehensive overview of the technology and how it can improve your business operations, increase your cost savings, and pave way towards digital transformation.

Developing a Proof
of Concept

Focus on a process identified by the client and do an RPA proof of concept to be able to be realize if RPA can meet your business and organizational needs.

Establishing a Center
of Excellence

We believe that efforts to adopt disruption require the proper support from all those it will involve. Pointwest helps you set up a corporate structure involves all stakeholders in the creation of a digital workforce.

Selecting RPA

Finding the right tools for the job is often an important step in harnessing disruption. We are partnered with some of the top global RPA platform vendors so you will have the digital workforce solution that suits your needs and budget

Improving existing

For companies with existing RPA systems, we can help you identify areas of improvement. We can also help you scale up from your pilot process to other departments in your company.

Building a Plan
to Scale

Pointwest provides consultancy to your operations or information technology group to build a plan to scale implementations vertically across other business groups within your organization. Planning includes continuous improvement roadmaps and process optimization activities to continuously create business awareness, increase savings, and better work efficiency.

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