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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Information and Communications Technology(ICT) giant Pointwest has fully modernized top Health Maintenance Organization Maxicare’s online services with a fully digital, self-enrollment system that increases the Full-Time Equivalent efficiency.

The new system has fully automated features that will benefit both the client members as well as the Maxicare staff. 

Member Enrollment was designed and built with multiple corporate clients in mind, hence, a highly configurable application that gives Maxicare the ability to deploy the system to their client members. Pointwest delivered the first two releases of the tool in just 2-3 months each, in order to match Maxicare’s time-to-market and go-live goals.

A total of three accounts with the equivalent of 93,904 employee headcount were transitioned to the enrollment tool as of January 2021, more than 81,050 principal members were successfully submitted using the new system with an additional 80,692 dependent records renewed/enrolled. This led to a 31.40% reduction of support tickets received by their internal team.

Efficiency and ease of use of services are key in creating a seamless member experience for client members and their enrollees. In this ongoing pandemic, paper-based documentation and face-to-face engagement slows down the process of enrollment and other detail changes and puts more people at risk of infection. 

Maxicare is an industry pioneer in the field of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO). The company currently services over 1.5 million members and is affiliated with over 2000 hospitals and a growing number of primary and customer care centers nationwide. The primary vision of the company is to deliver a better healthcare system by providing its members with the ease of use of its services. 

 Personally, I enjoy working with the Pointwest team as the projects are highly collaborative and their recommendations usually produce such a great result.”  Angela Ramos, Maxicare’s Manager for Data Design & Management commented on the smooth collaboration 

In recognition of the contributions of this initiative, the Member Enrollment Tool project won first prize in the Project Achievement Rewards and Recognition of the Equicom Group of Companies. This initiative with Maxicare has been a partnership built on a shared vision of growth and modernization. 

Joaquin Arambulo, President & CEO of Pointwest said of this collaboration: Taking your customer’s perspective leads to superior customer service and can differentiate you in the marketplace.  But you need to design the right offerings in the first place, and execute on them flawlessly. I believe that the joint Maxicare and Pointwest Team has achieved this.  Congratulations on the launch of Member Enrollment Tool!”



About Pointwest

Founded in 2003, Pointwest engages, empowers, and enables businesses by providing best-in-class digital transformation, information technology, and business process management services. We work with clients around the world –  Global 2000, Asian conglomerates, governments, and leading start-ups and SMBs in the financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, and other industries.

Pointwest’s customer-centric offerings are developed, implemented, and supported by our global operations delivery centers in the Philippines and the United States. Our digital solutions include Intelligent OCR, Robotics Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Hyper-automation, Application Development, Support & Maintenance, Test Automation, and Consulting.

For inquiries, contact us: ask@pointwest.com.ph

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Human Resource departments receive tons of documents from job applicants and other sources. Sometimes, the manpower available can’t match the volume of work which is required to be accomplished, especially on peak hiring seasons. In this case, technological solutions may help teams step up to the challenge while boosting efficiency and enhancing accuracy.

Here is where Artificial Intelligence can enter the picture. Artificial Intelligence is the development of systems designed to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence can be applied across industries such as Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Public Sector, and others.


In the Philippines, RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a viable solution especially for companies with repetitive and voluminous processes. RPA can bring plenty of business benefits such as faster task completion, improved accuracy, and lessened man hours.

In our latest installment of Pointwest Stories of Success, read how a telecommunications company accomplished processes faster and more accurately with the help of Pointwest’s RPA service.


Rigid standards safeguard industries such as Banking and Finance. Brokerage firms are not exempt from this.

These standards are necessary for maintaining the quality and security of the system. This includes apps used for the system. To ensure compliance with these standards, the app needs to undergo software testing.



In the Philippines, application modernization is among the technological solutions businesses consider. This is because companies don’t want to miss out on the benefits application modernization can bring. They also don’t want to get left behind their competitors.


Banks handle sensitive and critical information. Malfunctioning systems cost banks loss of profit and customer trust. Ensure the efficiency of your systems through software testing. Test Automation can make this effort easier and more productive. In the Philippines, test automation for banks is adapted by more financial institutions.


Application Development for travel agencies makes convenient travel-related transactions a reality through web and mobile solutions. Transactions such as visa applications are made easier for both staff and applicants. Visa application processes can sometimes become tedious, especially with the number of documents and steps that need to be accomplished. Web and mobile applications that cater to every step of the application process can facilitate convenient and organized visa applications.


Pointwest supported an international manufacturing company’s IT group in their data warehousing initiative by providing a full suite of data engineering services ranging from data modeling, ETL development, ETL testing, database administration, and reports development. (more…)

Pointwest created a unified CRM tool for one of the largest commercial banks in Taiwan that consolidates and centralizes customer service data coming from different data sources and systems. The dashboard is designed to be easy-to-use and the related information is easily accessible to their agents, which aims to provide customer-specific services efficiently.

In order to meet the needs of the client, Pointwest developed a Customer Journey dashboard — a web application used by the client’s call center agents when engaging their clients. With the dashboard, agents can quickly view information about their customers, such as corresponding customer profiles, credit cards owned, and bank transaction history, to name a few. Agents can also determine if customers are engaged in their marketing campaigns and figure out what products and services they can offer based on the customer’s profile and behavior.

The dashboard was developed using Java and ReactJS in Spring Framework following a Microservices Architecture. As the client has existing data sources, Pointwest developed  APIs for their data sources as well as web services to utilize these APIs.

The Customer Journey Dashboard has increased customer service operations efficiency, as their call center agents no longer need to access multiple systems to view pertinent data and insights about their customers.

In order to better serve migrants, Pointwest helped an international intergovernmental organization, which promotes the humane and orderly handling of migration, in generating accurate and concise migrant condition data visualizations.

Even with all information being available, the client had challenges in creating effective reports that showcase the data sets through appealing visualizations. The intergovernmental organization usually turned to the typical pie and line charts to illustrate their data on migrants and migrant activity.

Using its experience with data visualization, Pointwest helped the client find more effective ways to visualize the data on migrants and make them available to their stakeholders. The project team used an iterative approach as the project methodology with Microsoft Power BI as the technology base.

After the implementation of the project, the client delivered effective reports for clearer and timely view of migrant conditions and activities. In addition, they were empowered with a holistic view of organizational efforts to help migrants. Partly, the client gained access to an easier-to-understand view of demographic information, mode, and manner of transportation utilized, vis-a-vis services offered by their organization. Furthermore, better visualization allowed the client to make improvements on their migrants services.

The resource who worked on this project realized the importance of collaborating with the client to be able to execute the implementation process faster and be more agile. From the client’s point-of-view, they were able to see the design and visualizations during the development since agile was used as the methodology for this project.

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